The acquisition of the TRACKOL snowmobile is a significant aid to our daily work on nature protection, research and environmental education, including tourism, in the unique protected area of the Polistovsky Reserve.

The key goal of the project

Obtaining a TRAKOL snowmobile for performing the main tasks of the Polistovsky Reserve, including environmental protection, research and monitoring, environmental education and tourism as part of the concept of sustainable coexistence between man and nature.

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On the importance of project implementation

The nature reserve has a number of tasks aimed at preserving and studying the natural course of natural processes and phenomena, which makes special sense in the context of sustainable development. An important role is given to the protection of the territory and applied scientific research, these activities allow the preservation and study of natural capital. Other important functions of the reserve are the development of environmental education of the population, and ecological (sustainable, natural) tourism, which is important for the formation of human capital, the long-term ability to coexist in harmony with nature. After all, to fully penetrate the idea of conservation and protection of nature, it is not enough just to hear or read, for this you need to immerse yourself in the natural atmosphere "fully and completely", to see with your own eyes - what is the benchmark of undisturbed nature in its rich diversity.

The purchase of a new snowmobile by the Polistovsky Reserve will increase the ability to quickly perform the functions of protection, which is especially important in the fire-hazardous period, to continue the development of ecological tourism, educational programs with visitors as one of the most important areas of environmental education of the population.

Expected results of the project

The Polistovsky Reserve purchased a TRACKOL snowmobile, which, as a versatile vehicle, makes it possible to carry out urgent operational tasks to protect and study the territory, develop ecological tourism, thereby giving people the opportunity to join nature, contributing to the development of environmental culture in the general population.

Reserve visitors, who are primarily attracted to nature tours (students, teachers of schools and universities, students, volunteers, tourists), have the opportunity to take advantage of the author offers of local residents, thereby getting to know not only the protected nature, but also to touch the rich history of the Russian hinterland. And this is very important for the purposes of the Reserve's cooperation with local residents and the creation of such conditions of interaction when the protection of one's own nature becomes beneficial to the local community. In this connection, the implementation of the project will make it possible not to lose the level of stable relations that has been achieved between the villagers and the nature reserve, and also to ensure that the local population will not lose additional income.