Volunteers are people who are not indifferent and active and are engaged in various kinds of socially useful activities on a voluntary and gratuitous basis. Volunteers are often called upon by all kinds of organizations that need volunteers to do some work.

Today it is very common practice to involve volunteers in NPA, they participate in the design, landscaping, nature observation and even conduct educational excursions. In return, the volunteers get a lot of bright impressions, knowledge about nature, opportunities to see interesting, unique places, learn about the work of environmental institutions and communicate with new people.

The first volunteers of the Polistovsky Reserve who took part in scientific research arrived in 2003. With their help, test areas were laid out and described on the burnt areas left after the great fire of 2002. Since then, the volunteers come to the Polistovsky Reserve every year, and now they not only help the scientific department, but also participate in other, most diverse works. For its part, the Polistovsky Reserve provides the volunteers with accommodation and an opportunity to learn about the wonderful world of the bogs.

Volunteer programs in the Polistovsky Reserve - 2022:

- assistance in landscaping the area near the guest houses;

- assistance in the development and arrangement of eco-trails;

- work with the locals (children);

- participation in the children's environmental camping trip "Rodnik" as a counselor/teacher.

- monitoring of population numbers and distribution of Castor fiber beaver in the protected area of the Polistovsky Reserve

If you haven't found the program you are interested in, but you really want to take part in the life of the Polistovsky Reserve as a volunteer, please fill out a short questionnaire and send it to ecopros@polistovsky.ru.