One of the global tasks of the Polistovsky Reserve is the promotion of ecological and environmental knowledge.

To solve this problem, interaction with educational institutions was chosen as a priority.

Employees of the Department of Environmental Education and Interpretation regularly conduct environmental classes for schoolchildren, and act as organizers of various events, activities, master classes and contests for children and adults.

The task of such events is to explain the need to protect wildlife, to awaken a sense of responsibility for the preservation of the planet's wildlife in its natural state; to foster a respectful, kind attitude toward nature, rather than a consumerist one.





At environmental lessons, children learn about the nature of their native land, the importance of caring for the environment, the work of the Polistovsky Reserve. Also within the framework of the classes, small master classes, quizzes and contests are held.

Environmental activities include creative tasks both for children and the whole family - participants draw environmental leaflets and drawings, make photos and shoot videos, build birdhouses and bird feeders, children also help to clean public places from garbage. In this way, the children show by their own example that even a little man is able to make this world kinder and cleaner, the main thing is desire and diligence.

By taking part in environmental events and activities, children not only discover their creative potential, but also learn a more caring and humane attitude to the world around them.

We invite children, their parents, teachers and educators to participate in the activities of the Polistovsky Reserve in order to promote respect for nature and foster an environmentally conscious younger generation.

We are open to new ideas, to exchange experiences, and will gladly consider your suggestions for organizing joint environmental events!

To take part in the environmental activities of the Polistovsky Reserve or to share your ideas, contact the Department of Environmental Education and Interpretation by phone: +7 (81141)22-391 or e-mail: