One of the main tasks of the Polistovsky Reserve is the study of fauna and flora. We not only study nature ourselves, but also help students acquire research skills.

Practice in the territory of the Polistovsky Reserve can take a group of students of natural sciences under a number of conditions:

  • the group should be small, no more than 10 people (5-6 is better);
  • A teacher, who is responsible for students, must be with them throughout the internship;
  • methods of work in nature must not harm the ecosystems of the reserve;
  • Agree on the arrival, research program, the use of transport and accommodation of the reserve should be agreed in advance, at least one month before the start of the practice.

For example, students of 3 to 5 years of biology, ecology and public relations departments of Pskov State University had an internship in the Polistovsky Reserve. The guys got acquainted with the work of the scientific and environmental department, collected material for their diploma and term papers. Also, students from Rostov-on-Don and South Federal University visited us for practical training. The students made landscape profiles, studied the ecology of local forests and climate peculiarities.