The Polistovsky reserve is a Federal State Budgetary Institution under the jurisdiction of the Department of State Policy and Regulation of Environmental Protection. The Department is a part of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation.

Polistovsky Reserve was established on May 25, 1994 by Resolution № 527 of the Government of the Russian Federation. The institution operates on the basis of the Statute, approved by Order № 463 of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia from 25.05.2011. According to this document, the Federal State Budgetary Institution National Nature Reserve “Polistovsky" is a nature conservation, research and environmental education institution aimed at preservation and study of the natural course of natural processes and phenomena, the genetic fund of flora and fauna, individual species and communities of plants and animals, typical and unique ecological systems.

The official full name of the institution is Federal State Budgetary Institution National Nature Reserve “Polistovsky". The official acronym is FSBI National Nature Reserve “Polistovsky". As an unofficial name we usually use the phrase Polistovsky Reserve, implying both the territory and the organization.

Regulations on the Polistovsky Reserve.

Legal and actual addresses are the same: 182840, Pskov region, Bezhanitsky district, Bezhanitsy town, Sovetskaya street, 9B.

Phone and fax: +7 (81141) 22 391; e-mail:

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