Creating an open-air eco-class "Polistovie in the palm of your hand" for meetings and excursions with tourists, locals, volunteers, schoolchildren and students

"Beautiful Children in a Beautiful World" charitable foundation was established in 2013 and implements two charitable programs - "Beautiful Children" and "Beautiful World". The task of the first one is an organizational and financial assistance in the treatment of children with problems in the maxillofacial area. The "Beautiful World" program is aimed at preserving Russia's nature. The Foundation funds a wide variety of projects in nature reserves and national parks. Over the past 8 years more than 50 projects have been implemented to conserve brown bears, Amur tigers, bison, reindeer, white-tailed eagles, red-listed bats and other endangered animal species. The Foundation supports restoration of unique broadleaf forests and lake natural complexes and promotes anti-poaching and environmental education.

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To create of an open-air eco-class on the territory of the Polistovsky Reserve to form an educational environment integrated into the context of the forest ecosystem for the purpose of environmental education aimed at harmonizing relations and sustainable coexistence of man and forest.


- environmental education work with the locals and tourists aimed at respecting forests and wetlands as one of the most effective accumulators of greenhouse gases;

- introducing the locals and tourists to modern technologies of ecological restoration of disturbed forest and marsh ecosystems;

- formation of knowledge about the best available practices for reducing greenhouse gas emissions - the "carbon footprint" in everyday activities;

- developing and promoting solutions aimed at harmonious coexistence between the local population and the environment.


Проектирование всесезонного экологического класса под открытым небом в пределах муниципального образования – деревня Гоголево, на территории кордона заповедника.

Designing an all-season outdoor environmental class within the boundaries of the municipality - the Gogolevo village, on the territory of the reserve's cordon.

Forest and bog are places of traditional nature use for the inhabitants of the villages bordering the territory of the Polistovsky Reserve. Due to the difficult socio-economic situation in the settlements, one of the ways to earn money is the collection of wild-growing products, for their own needs hunting, collecting wood, mushrooms and berries are practiced. Right next to the village of Gogolevo is a small forest area - green-moss pine forest. About 20% of the protected area territory (the reserve and the protection zone) is occupied by forests, among them black-alder forests, spruce and pine forest on bog islands, coniferous forest near the bog lakes and in the protection zone. Forests, in the vicinity of the village and in the protected zone of the reserve, are regularly visited by local residents.

Classes for children who come to the village for the summer and for students at local schools in the Loknya and Bezhanitsky districts of the Pskov region will not only familiarize children with the functions and importance of forests on a global scale and in a particular community, but will also help develop and support a responsible attitude toward natural resources among local residents.

In the future, the equipment of the eco-class will allow to hold multidirectional lessons, meetings, lectures with different groups of visitors: children's groups, tourists, students, employees of NPAs and educational institutions, local residents. This will be especially relevant given that the environmental routes of the Reserve, where visitors receive basic information about the territory, are not always accessible to visitors, due to weather conditions, the state of the road network, the number of passenger seats in the Reserve's transport and the general congestion of the destination.