For schoolchildren of Bezhanitsky and Lokniansky districts

Hiking trip

Duration 5-7 days

The hike is designed for 5 days, during this time the participants live in tents, the hike starts from the scientific and technical base of the Polistovsky Reserve in the village of Tsevlo or from a guest house in the village of Gogolevo. During the hike guys try themselves as serious scientists: choose a research topic, conduct experiments and observations, and at the end of the hike is a reporting conference on the research work.

For example, in 2017, the expedition participants studied hydrobionts of Polistovye, studied trutovik mushrooms and some representatives of the flora - the guys were looking for medicinal plants and got acquainted with their features. After the end of the hike, participants finalize the materials obtained and make reports at district and regional scientific and practical conferences.

There are also a variety of environmental games, interactive lessons, workshops on making souvenirs and handicrafts, orienteering sports and a variety of competitions for children.

An important part of the tour is visiting one of the excursions and getting to know the nature of the Polistovsky Reserve, as well as gaining experience in living in the field and organizing camping life.

The organization and general management of the hike is carried out by the administration of the Кeserve. Number of participants: from 12 to 25 people together with the leaders. Participation in the children's multi-day hike "Rodnik" for children from Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky districts is free, participants pay only for the road to the starting point of the hike in the villages of Tsevlo or Gogolevo.