Duration: varies

Length: varies

Village: Tsevlo

Time: except spring

The starting point of the route is v. Tsevlo (35 km from Bezhanitsy).

Time to get to the trail is 1 hour.

The time of the route varies.

The period of holding - all year round, except spring.

The number of people in the group - from 3 to 6 persons.

Conducted by appointment only!

Cost of the tour: 2000 rub/person

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Bogshoes are an indispensable thing for a traveler in wild uninhabited bogs. Traveling on bog shoes is a route for those who miss the bog and wild nature, it is an opportunity to feel alone with the huge Polistovo-Lovatskaya bog system, away from all people, roads and civilization.

The length of the routes varies and is calculated on the basis of the visitors' wishes and possibilities. Tourists are transported to the beginning of the route by cross-country vehicles.


Walking on bogshoes is almost an extreme route. Tourists are invited to walk through the wild, endless Polistovsky bogs, accompanied by a guide of the Reserve. Here you can literally feel what is the lack of soil under your feet. The temperature in the bog is always slightly higher than in the surrounding area, which should be taken into account when planning the route.


In the fall, the bog transforms, changes colors, and says goodbye to some of its inhabitants until spring. During the tour you can see scarlet cranberry trees, golden aspen groves on the islands, fully feel the atmosphere of bright autumn sadness and the departing summer on the brown wastelands of the bogs under the high blue sky.


The swamp world in winter is like a fairyland and conceals many wonders. Under the thin layer of white snow and hoarfrost lies the evergreen marsh cover with scarlet, icy drops of cranberries. In the snow you can read the "letters" of the Polistovsky dwellers: here was a thoughtful moose, here ran a little hare, here is a recent hole in the creek, covered with the ice film - an otter dived out of it and left a thin chain of traces on the shore.