Duration: 4 hours

Length: 4.7 km

Village: Gogolevo

Time: May-October

The starting point of the route is the v. Gogolevo (65 km from Bezhanitsy).

The length of the route is 4.7 km.

Time to get to the trail is 1 hour.

Trail time - 3 hours.

The period of tour is from May to October.

The number of people in the group - 6 persons

Conducted by appointment only!

Cost of the tour: 2300 rub/person

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The hiking trail is 4.7 kilometers long and runs through the protected zone of the Reserve. Tourists are taken to the beginning of the route by cross-country vehicles.

The trail, partially equipped with wooden decking, passes through places where villages and farmsteads once stood. The inhabitants of the bog region have been called "Mokhoviks" what is consonant with the name of the mushroom Xerocomus.

Along the trail, visitors can discover the history of the bog settlements by looking at the remains of the foundations of outbuildings, a pond, an orchard and roads. At the same time, today you can see how nature is gradually recovering from human activity - once arable land is turning into meadows, meadows are being overgrown with birches, aspens and alders, farmsteads are being overgrown with nettles, and lime groves are appearing on the site of villages.

Also visiting the trail includes introducing tourists to the forest plants, the river that turned back, a giant rock that appeared here in the last ice age, the life of wild birds and animals.