Duration: 4 hours

Length: varies

Village: Gogolevo

Running time: September 15 until frost

Place of event - v. Gogolevo (65 km from Bezhanitsy).

Time to get to the trail is 1 hour.

Trail time - 3 hours.

The time of the event is from mid-September to November.

The number of people in the group – 6 persons.

Conducted by appointment only!

Cost of the tour: 2140 rub/person

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The tour is designed to introduce tourists to the cultural traditions of the region, the natural heritage, folk crafts. Held in the village of Gogolevo, depending on the yield of cranberries. The program of the tour contains the following activities:

- Departure to an unprotected bog to collect cranberries - here the guide will tell about the local traditions of collecting the berry, the legends associated with it, how to collect cranberries, where and when to look for them. Tourists are transported to the place of cranberry gathering by cross-country vehicles.

- Culinary master class - making traditional local dishes from hand-picked cranberries under the guidance of a local resident, with jokes and tea.

In addition, you can visit excursions of local residents and get acquainted with the village and its history, or order a hot bath to warm up after being on the autumn bogs.