Duration: 3 hours

Length: 2 km

Village: Gogolevo

Time: May-October

Starts from Gogolevo village (65 km from Bezhanitsy).

The length of the route is 2 km.

Time to get to the trailhead is 1.5 hours.

Trail time - 1.5 hours

The period is from May to October.

The number of people in the group - from 2 to 6 people.

Conducted by appointment only!

Cost of the tour: 2140 rub/person

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The route passes through meadows and forests of the protected zone of the Reserve. It is entirely devoted to one of the representatives of the protected fauna - the beaver. Tourists are delivered to the beginning of the route on cross-country vehicles.

The beaver is an ancient inhabitant of the Polistovsky lands. He is a skilled builder and an agile swimmer. The beaver is able to build a strong multi-level "house" with several rooms-bays, change the course of a river, build a large and strong dam, easily withstanding the weight of a human! His amazing abilities have been admired by different peoples at all times. Beavers' engineering constructions abound in the rivers and streams near the Polistovye bogs.

On the route "The path of beavers" you can see with your own eyes how beavers live in the wild, as well as look at the traces left by other inhabitants of these places - moose, wild boars and bears.