Duration: 3 hours

Length: 50 km

Village: Tsevlo

Time: from June 15, subject to water availability

The beginning of the route is in the v. Tsevlo (35 km from Bezhanitsy).

The length of the route is 50 km.

Trail time - 3 hours.

The period of the event is June.

The number of people in the group - from 3 to 7 people.

Conducted by appointment only!

Cost of the tour: 7000 rub/person

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The route connects several reservoirs and runs through the territory of the natural monument of regional importance "Lake Polisto". Here you can walk a part of the way, which from the bog to the ocean overcomes every drop of rain of Polistovie, and learn about the amazing power of water, which creates a unique look of the world of rivers, lakes and bogs.

Along the route, you can observe birds nesting, hatching and feeding along the banks and spills of rivers.

Part of the route goes through a canal - a narrow green corridor - and through a forest knee-deep in water, where the boat floats at fern level, the waves rock the willow thickets, and the branches of alder and birch trees growing along the banks almost close over the water.

If desired, tourists can have a small picnic on the sandy river bank.