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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Photoexpedition "Polistovsky spring"

         We invite you to visit the largest raised bog system in Europe, to see one of the saved part of wild russian nature, to learn to make nice photos of interesting nature objects in not so easy field conditions with the professional nature photographer's helping, to acquainted with the history of the disappeared marsh settlements, to take a break from civilization.

       The visiting of the Federal Protected Area maybe very interesting by itself, because it is endless spaces of raised bods, it is the meeting with rare species of flora and fauna, it is an exciting travel to the world of harmony and resting. At the ecological trail "Plavnitskoe boloto" you will be able to walk on the wooden flooring among a velvet carpet of bog's mosses, whose age is 10 thousand years. You will get acquainted with flowering wetland plants, will visit the mineral islands, everyone can get up to the observation tower and see the marshes at bird's-eye view. Then you will be transferred on boats to the lake Polisto which formed the latest glacier, to a pre-arranged location for the field camp. Some days you will spend on this "pearl" of our region. From here participants will go to the routes on boats.

On the water meadows of the lake and river Polist you can watch migrating and nesting birds (in this time you can meet different kinds of gulls, ducks, waders and raptors, as well as species listed in Red Book: white-tailed eagle, osprey, great curlew) . Due to this uniqueness the lake Polisto acquired the status of a natural monument of the Pskov region.
         You will touch the history of Polistiv'ye. Here from the second millennium BC, were living Finno-Ugric tribes. Residents engaged in hunting and fishing. Starting from the fifth century AD, the Slavs began to move here, who brought with them livestock and farming. Fur, fish, butter and cheese was floated on the rivers. With the advent of civilization, were transported by plane. The region flourished until the mid-seventies of the twentieth century. Now only a couple of living houses in the village Ruchyi and many deserted villages around testify to this. During the tour you can walk on their overgrown streets.

        Participants of the photoexpedition "Polistovskaya vesna"given the opportunity to visit the protected area of Polistiv'ye. Under the guidance of professional photographer Adrian Kolotilin they will acquainted with the specifics of photographing wildlife, get advice, take photos of interesting wildlife, discuss the basic techniques of creating photographs.
Number of participants: 6 persons. If the number of people will be more than 6 person, then for the next 6 expedition can be organized and held from 18 to 22 May (with the consent of the applicants). 
The cost of the expedition: 90 000 rubles (15 000 rubles per person). 
The price includes: food, equipment rental, transfer from the administrative building of the reserve in the village Tsevlo to the venue of the expedition and back and transportation for the duration of the expedition.

Note: Unfortunately, now there are no professional photographers with us, who could carry out photoexpedition, so we invite not only people who want to learn how to photograph nature, but also photographers who want to visit Polistovsky Reserve and at the same time to share their knowledge and skills with others.



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