Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Tourist memo

Reserve visiting rules

Polistovsky Reserve is a national protected nature area and it is has special protection regime in accordance with the federal law. Any activities that could lead to damage of the unique natural complexes are prohibited. You can help us to save fragile nature of Polistovye by adhering the following rules.

What is prohibited in the Reserve?
- to visit the Reserve's territory unaccompanied by the Reserve's stuff;
- to bring pets into the Reserve;
- to burn fires;
- to leave litter;
- to collect fruits, mushrooms, berries, nuts, seeds, herbs, flowers, break or cut trees;
- to hunt and fish;
- to drink alcohol so as to be in a state of intoxication.

Clothing and weather

Do not forget comfortable shoes for long walks while planing Polistovsky Reserve visit. You may need waterproof trekking boots or rubber boots. The choice depends on the selected route and the time of year - spring and autumn in the bog is wet. Also, you may need warm clothes and a jacket for rain and wind protection.


For accommodation we offer guest houses in Tsevlo village and a ranger cabin in Gogolevo village. Pay attention that pets are not allowed in the guest houses and ranger cabin. Tsevlo village guest houses have hot-water heating, hot water, showers, fully equipped kitchens and double rooms with two single beds. You will need a sleeping bag and personal toiletries to stay at Gogolevo village ranger cabin. There is a gas stove, microwave, and a refrigerator in the house. Water well , bath and WC are located outside. 


You can prepare food by yourself or order food from Tsevlo village residents while visiting our environmental routes. All cuisine is prepared from natural products. You should notify employees of the Reserve if you plan to order local cuisine (not less than one day in advance).

View the menu (rus).

Reserve guest houses have everything you need for cooking.

Cellular communication

Bezhanitsy and Loknya townships have communication services from all russian mobile operators. Tsevlo village support only the "Megafon" mobile operator, Gogolevo village and Ruchi village have no cellular communication. There is almost no phone communication in the Reserve territory. All Reserve employees have walkie-talkies.

Mosquitoes, horseflies and other insects

There are mosquitoes and horseflies in Polistovsky bogs in summertime. You can meet acari in the Reserve in late spring and early fall. So do not forget to take insect repellent or mosquito nets.

Welcome to Polistovsky National Nature Reserve!

For a tour booking call:

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