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Author tours

The creation of conditions for interaction between local community and the protected area, when nature protecting becomes interesting and beneficial for the local community and is fundamental to eco-tourism. Residents of Tsevlo village in Bezhanitsy district have become engaged in the development of author tourist routes. Excursions can be booked by appointment with the reserve specialist.

Tsevlo Village Tour

Tsevlo village is a little community in Pskov region. It has rich cultural traditions, which are carefully preserved by the local people. We invite you to take the Tsevlo village tour if you have an interest in the traditions and cultural heritage of the population of old villages. Your guide will introduce you to the Tsevlo area's amazing history. You will walk through streets where only 100 years ago the biggest local fairs were organized. You will see  old trees - the remaining part of a once magnificent park of German Baron Korff, now ruined. Also you will learn about the Krenitsyny nobles incompetent management and the fate of the poet, Alexander Krenitsyn - Alexander Pushkin's friend.

The cost of the tour for 1 person is 100 rubles (1,5 Euro).

The tour is available for a group of 2 or more people.



Recreated classroom of Early 80-ies and Tsevlo Village Local History Museum

A small and intimate local history museum was personally developed from a school by Tsevlo school teacher Galina Yegorovna and her pupils. Here one finds assembled the whole village history - photographs, antique spinning wheels and irons, komsomol cards, pioneer banners and old school notebooks.

You will have an unique opportunity to feel an almost complete immersion in Soviet period school childhood by visiting the recreated classroom of 70s-80s. In this place you can hold in your hands an old children's primer from forty years ago, lay down an example of the accounts, and review Soviet demonstrations of for various school subjects.

The cost of the tour for 1 person is 100 rubles (1,5 Euro).

The tour is available for groups from 2 to 10 people.

Gogolevo Village Tour 

Gogolevo is a peaceful and cozy village, which keeps a bright history. You can get acquainted with it during a relaxed walk-excursion, developed by the local resident Eugenia Slizkova.

The tour tells about the history of this settlement: from the first mention in the written sources - to the hard military years and the subsequent revival of the village. The walk goes through the old streets passing a re-established church, an olf graveyard fence, a school that was once visited by a lot of students, and even a collective farm, acting to this day.

The excursion ends with a visit to the historical exposition, which demonstrates the life of a village hut of the ХХ century. All the exhibits - from a rushlight and kitchen utensils to a spinning wheel and millstones - were really used in this area and were collected for the museum by the residents of Gogolevo and nearby villages.

The cost of the tour for 1 person is 100 rubles (1,5 Euro).

The tour is available for a group of 2 or more people.



We invite our guests to try delicious Russian cuisine made by locals of Tsevlo and Gogolevo villages. Everything is prepared exclusively from natural products, most of which are grown in the village. A Russian oven used for cooking. By prior arrangement our guests can choose how many times per day to eat can discuss the selection of dishes.

Price per person:

Breakfast - 200 rubles (3 Euro)

Lunch - 400 rubles (6 Euro)

Dinner - 400 rubles (6 Euro)

Tea with pies - 70 rubles (1 Euro)

View the menu (rus). The menu is valid only in Tsevlo village, the menu for the village of Gogolevo is under development.

For a tour booking call:

+7 (81141) 223 91

or contact us by email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.