Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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  Ecotourism - is...
a journey with responsibility to the nature

We invite you to visit a protected area of federal significance - Polistovsky National Nature Reserve.

tourist map, Polistovsky Reserve  

Tourist map of Polistovsky Reserve

On the tourist map of Polistovsky Reserve you cn find boundaries of the Reserve, its buffer zone and nature monument ''Lake Polisto'', main settlements, ecological routes of the Reserve, as well as the location of Polistovsky Reserve tourist and other infrastructure.

Map is clikcable.



Here you will explore the wonderful world of Europe's largest Polistovo-Lovatskaya raised bog system which is 10 thousand years old. You will discover the history of its formation and find out what was the role of the Valday glacier in this process, learn about flora and fauna of the Reserve, escape from everyday routine, and find yourself surrounded by quietness and beauty of the wild nature.  

Polistovsky Reserve eco-tourism development started recently and is based on the principle of sustainable development. Сooperation with the local community being one of the most important. This cooperation is the creation of conditions of interaction, when protection of its own natural values becomes beneficial to the local community. Moreover it is very important to create the necessary conditions for safe traveling in the wild, unspoiled nature with minimal impact on it and with constant supervision of nature condition while providing the opportunity to acquire new knowledge about environment as an integral parts of sustainable development.

A series of environmental routes have been established in Polistovsky reserve as a part of the development of this form of tourism. These routs introduce visitors to the environmental and cultural values. In addition to exploring the reserved nature area, visitors can come into touch with the rich history of the Russian heartland by visiting tours offered by locals.

The combination of natural and cultural excursions gives the opportunity to immerse oneself into amazing Polistovsky atmosphere with combination of unusual beauty of the bog lands, Russian heartland peculiarities and ghostly romance of "grand Soviet constructions".

Visiting the Reserve begins from visitor center in Bezhanitsy township. Here you can get detailed information about the Reserve, natural features of its territory and our tours offerings.

Reserve's nature tours begin in Tsevlo village (35 km from Bezhanitsy) and Gogolevo village (65 km from Bezhanitsy, Loknyansky district). We can offer an additional service of transfer for those who arrive by public transport. We offer comfortable guest houses in Tsevlo village and the opportunity to try traditional Russian cuisine.

Please note, that all tours are available by appointment only. Excursions to the Reserve are possible only if accompanied by our staff.

To sign up for a tour please contact Department of Ecological education, Interpretation, and Tourism by telephone +7(81141) 22391 or by e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For a tour booking call:

+7 (81141) 223 91

or contact us by email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.