Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Grasslands and meadow vegetation

Grasslands in Polistovsky Reserve and its buffer zone are floodplain hay meadows and pastures on sites of former villages; former hayfields around and deposits on the site of settlements. There are a lot of natural boundaries of different sizes; in the heart of some of them one can find remains of village plantations, or even cemeteries. The most extensive natural boundaries are: Ratcha, Nesvino, Plavnitsa, and Bolshoye Gorodishche. The Polistovsky Reserve has meadows of the Zakhod natural boundary, and small clearings on the edge of the wetland massif, where there were apparently small villages; the remaining grasslands are located in the buffer zone. In the second half of the twentieth century many meadows in the valley of river Khlavitsa were meliorated and sown with grass mixtures that greatly impoverished their floristic composition. Some grasslands have been plowed and planted with fir-trees - for example, on island Medvezhye. 
        One meadow with probably the richest flora of Polistovsky Reserve is located 0.5 km southward from Obolonye natural boundary. There are many stones, so it was mowed irregularly and was not meliorated. Orchids are very numerous in the meadows of natural boundary Luga (eastward from village Usadba) and in the meadows of natural boundary Sapozhok.

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