Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Voices of bog birds

Voices of the birds inhabiting Polistovsky raised bogs:

Golden eagle – Aquila chrysaetos

Peregrine falcon – Falco peregrinus

Merlin – Falco columbarius

Western marsh harrier – Circus aeruginosus

Common crane  Grus grus

Whooper swan – Cygnus cygnus

Black-throated loon – Gavia arctica

Common gull  – Larus canus

Common snipe  Gallinago gallinago

Great snipe  Gallinago media

Eurasian curlew – Numenius arquata

Whimbrel  Numenius phaeopus

Black-tailed godwit  Limosa limosa

Black grouse  Lyrurus tetrix

Willow ptarmigan  Lagopus lagopus rossicus

European golden plover  Pluvialis apricaria apricaria

Northern lapwing – Vanellus vanellus

Great grey shrike  Lanius excubitor

Eurasian skylark – Alauda arvensis

Tree pipit – Anthus trivialis

Meadow pipit  Anthus pratensis

 Whinchat – Saxicola rubetra

Western yellow wagtail – Motacilla flava


The Following photos published on this webpage are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Photoes were cropped.

- Eurasian Lark by Francesco Veronesi, source: Eurasian Lark - Carso - Italy_S4E6227

- Baumpieper (Anthus trivialis) by Frank Vassen, source: Baumpieper (Anthus trivialis), Holzwarchetal bei Mürringen, Ostbelgien

- Anthus pratensis (pipit farlouse) by s�bastien bertru, source: IMG_1873 (image was edited by sharpen tool and option "auto tone")

Other photoes are made by Andrian Kolotilin, Mikhail Yablokov and Sergey Gorshkov or in the pudlic domain.

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