Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Massmedia about Polistovsky

Here you can find a list of publications about Polistovsky Reserve in masmedia: press and online-resources (publications are in Russian).


«National Geographic Russia» - Bogs


«Pskov News Feed» Polistovsky Reserve landscapes will be in space

«Pskov Information Agency» Polistovsky Reserve guesthouse won the "EcoHolidays -2013"


«Pskov Information Agency» Journey to Polistoviye or, "Mom, I've drank from the bog!"

«Komsomolskaya Pravda - Pskov» Where do the bears live near Pskov, and who bakes potato-women?

«GTRK Pskov» Unmanned aerial vehicle appeared in Polistovsky Reserve


«Greanpeace Russia» Pskov National Parks and Reserves are in danger

«Pskov News Feed»Polistovsky Reserve buffer zone is restored


«Pskov Information Agency»:

Polistovsky Reserve won the "Public Recognition" in the nomination "Our Brand"

Director of Polistovsky Reserve about the "Public recognition"

 «Pskovskaya Pravda»How to spend a day without internet in the Pskov region. Polistovsky Reserve

 «Arguments and Facts - Pskov» Tours to the bog. Tourists traveling to Bezhanitsky hinterland for rural exotica

«Pskov News Feed»:

- Foreign guests of Polistovsky Reserve were amazed at the picture of the spreading bog

- Polistovsky Reserve employees took part in the discussion of the problems of organization of stationary environmental studies at the all-Russian meeting

- The construction of a guest house and the reconstruction of the "Mossmen route" started in Locniansky district

«Pskov Information Agency» - Reconstruction of "Plavnitskoye bog" route started in Polistovsky Reserve


«Pskov News Feed»

- An exhibition dedicated to the Year of Ecology organised in the Vlasyevskaya Tower of the Pskov Kremlin bu Polistovsky Reserve

- Polistovsky Reserve guided "VK Fest" guests "by the beavers' paths"

«Pskov Information Agency»:

Polistovsky Reserve was presented in Moscow

- Polistovsky Reserve organized an expedition to find a willow ptarmigan

«» - Presentation of Protected Areas system of Russia in the Museum of Artistic Culture of Novgorod Land

«Pskov Pravda» - What does the birch leaf say?

«Pskov Info» - A project of Polistovsky Reserve won the competition of the Union for Mental Health

«» - Representatives of Pskov travel agencies visited Polistovsky Reserve

All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company - Pskov - Fascinating ecotourism: Polistovsky Reserve invites guests

«Arguments and Facts - Pskov»  - Polistovsky ornithologists have found traces of a willow ptarmigan


«Nevskie Novosti» - A new tourist route on snowmobiles opened in the Pskov region

 Interethnic Journalism School - Neither here nor there. Why do Russians and foreigners go to the countryside?

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