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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Massmedia about Polistovsky

Here you can find a list of publications about Polistovsky Reserve in masmedia: press and online-resources (publications are in Russian).


«National Geographic Russia» - Bogs


«Pskov News Feed» Polistovsky Reserve landscapes will be in space

«Pskov Information Agency» Polistovsky Reserve guesthouse won the "EcoHolidays -2013"


«Pskov Information Agency» Journey to Polistoviye or, "Mom, I've drank from the bog!"

«Komsomolskaya Pravda - Pskov» Where do the bears live near Pskov, and who bakes potato-women?

«GTRK Pskov» Unmanned aerial vehicle appeared in Polistovsky Reserve


«Greanpeace Russia» Pskov National Parks and Reserves are in danger

«Pskov News Feed»Polistovsky Reserve buffer zone is restored


«Pskov Information Agency»:

Polistovsky Reserve won the "Public Recognition" in the nomination "Our Brand"

Director of Polistovsky Reserve about the "Public recognition"

 «Pskovskaya Pravda»How to spend a day without internet in the Pskov region. Polistovsky Reserve

 «Arguments and Facts - Pskov» Tours to the bog. Tourists traveling to Bezhanitsky hinterland for rural exotica

«Pskov News Feed»:

- Foreign guests of Polistovsky Reserve were amazed at the picture of the spreading bog

- Polistovsky Reserve employees took part in the discussion of the problems of organization of stationary environmental studies at the all-Russian meeting

- The construction of a guest house and the reconstruction of the "Mossmen route" started in Locniansky district

«Pskov Information Agency» - Reconstruction of "Plavnitskoye bog" route started in Polistovsky Reserve


«Pskov News Feed»

- An exhibition dedicated to the Year of Ecology organised in the Vlasyevskaya Tower of the Pskov Kremlin bu Polistovsky Reserve

- Polistovsky Reserve guided "VK Fest" guests "by the beavers' paths"

«Pskov Information Agency»:

Polistovsky Reserve was presented in Moscow

- Polistovsky Reserve organized an expedition to find a willow ptarmigan

«» - Presentation of Protected Areas system of Russia in the Museum of Artistic Culture of Novgorod Land

«Pskov Pravda» - What does the birch leaf say?

«Pskov Info» - A project of Polistovsky Reserve won the competition of the Union for Mental Health

«» - Representatives of Pskov travel agencies visited Polistovsky Reserve

All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company - Pskov - Fascinating ecotourism: Polistovsky Reserve invites guests

«Arguments and Facts - Pskov»  - Polistovsky ornithologists have found traces of a willow ptarmigan


«Nevskie Novosti» - A new tourist route on snowmobiles opened in the Pskov region

 Interethnic Journalism School - Neither here nor there. Why do Russians and foreigners go to the countryside?

«Pskov Information Agency»The construction of a pier on Lake Tsevlo in the Polistovsky Reserve has been completed

«Pskov News Feed»Participants in the "Paper Boom" eco-marathon in Bezhanitsy collected 9.5 tons of waste paper

«Pskov Pravda»Not boring bog

TASSEmployees of Polistovsky Reserve opened a photo exhibition at Pulkovo airport

«Moskovsky Komsomolets - Pskov» - Guys from Colombia and Pakistan visited the Reserve in Pskov region

«Izvstiya»Rare mushrooms found in Polistovsky Reserve (Pskov Region)

Online journal «Imenno»The majestic beauty

«GTRK Pskov»Tour for two. Bezhanitsy. Full version

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