Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Student internship

One of the main tasks of the Polistovsky Reserve is the study of flora and fauna. But we do not just explore nature, but also assist students to acquire research skills. Practice in the Polistovsky Reserve can be taken by a group of students of natural specialties under certain conditions: 

- a group should be small, no more than 10 people (preferably 5-6) 
- during the entire practice students always should be accompanied by a teacher who is responsible for them 
- methods of work in nature should not harm the ecosystems of the Reserve 
- the arrival period, the program of studies, the use of transport and housing of the Reserve must be arranged in advance, not later than one month before the start of practice. 

So, in 2008 we were visited by 2 groups of students. In April, 4 year students of the biology and ecology branch of the Pskov Pedagogical University undertook an internship in the territory of the Polistovsky Reserve. Guys became acquainted with the work of the scientific department, and collected material for dissertations. 
From mid-June to July 12, we were visited by students from the Southern Federal University (city of Rostov-on-Don) who had a field trip here. Students made landscape profiles, studied the ecology of local forests and climatic features.  

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