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Chronicle of of nature

Chronicle of of nature - is a major scientific document of the Reserve, which concentrated the results of observations of natural processes and phenomena on the territory of the reserve itself and its buffer zone.

The Chronicle of nature includes observations of the dynamics of the various natural phenomena, it is an independent research program, whose goal is not only to collect and record actual data, but also analysis of the obtained results, finding regularities of observed natural processes and the reasons for their cause, as well as forecasting of their future development.

Chronicle of nature is made on the basis of the reports about scientific work of research staff of the Reserve, as well as based on the information got from those who work on the PA temporarily (the staff of other research institutions, graduate students). Chronicle of nature accumulating all the information about the state of ecosystems and their components.


The main chapters of the Chronicle of Nature:

The Reserve's territory
The chapter provides information about changes of the size, boundaries and quarterly structure of the Reserve, the organization of the buffer zone, buildings and the elimination of cordons and other infrastructure, some other information.
Trial and registry areas, key areas, permanent (temporary) National Nature Reserve routes.
The report includes information about the embedded bases and changes in their network, their descriptions etc..

Relief and soils
In the absence of a specialist in this field in the Reserve, chapter provides information about work of specialists of other organizations.

The chapter is written on the basis of data from Reserve's or public weather stations. The program includes registration the air temperature (instant, minimum, maximum), the amount of precipitation, relative humidity, atmospheric conditions, snow depth and power of snow coverage of the surrounding area, the dynamics of clouds and wind conditions, etc., which is important for the compilation of the calendar of nature (other chapter), as well as abnormal phenomena. Meteorological indicators are grouped so as to give the characteristic of each month and each day. We describe the weather in the natural seasons.

This chapter provides information about the dynamics of water (including groundwater) - natural seasonal and caused by natural phenomena or human activity: level, temperature.

Flora and Vegetation
All periodic and non-periodic changes occurring in the flora and vegetation of the Reserve are registered in the chapter, and results of the inventory are placed here in the year when inventory finishes.

Fauna and animals
Requirements for this chapter are similar.

Calendar of nature
The periodization of the annual nature circle is the integrating part of the Chronicle of Nature, which absorbs materials of the previous chapters, unites them so as to reflect the specific bioclimatic features of this year and its seasons.

State of nature protection regime
Human impact on the Reserve and the buffer zone
We present data on the direct and indirect external influence on the Reserve's nature, on the Reserve's regime activities and the partial use of natural resources for the Reserve's needs.

Scientific and environmental education and interpretation activities
Information on the work of the scientific department and the department of environmental education and interpretation in the past year.

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