Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Scientific Work

The research activity is one of the main activities of state Naturе Reserves. The Polistovsky Reserve, just like other ones, is a research institution. The research is conducted by staff members of the scientific department, as well as specialists outside organizations, and funded by public funds, according to the Statutes of the Polistovsky State Nature Reserve. 

The main research objectives of the Polistovsky Reserve are inventory of biological diversity and long-termmonitoring of its condition, and the state of the abiotic environment. The work plan includes the annual maintenance of the Chronicle of Nature; this program is the main data base for many sections of scientific subjects. The Protection department inspector together with the research staff collects data for the Chronicle of nature. Elements of the scientific plan are: hydrology and hydrochemistry, phenology, botany and geobotany, hydrobiology, ornithology, theriology. 

         Inventory of the biological diversity was launched at the design phase of the Polistovsky Nature Reserve and is not completed until today. Since the day of establishment of the Reserve for carrying out basic research tasks, specialists of other organizations are being constantly involved for conducting inventory and monitoring biological diversity in the Reserve. Over the period 1994 - 2008 members of the following scientific organizations took part in the Reserve's life:

        - Botanical and Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Science,
        - Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden,
        - Institute of Biology of Inland Waters of the Russian Academy of Science,
        - St. Petersburg State University,
        - Pskov Kirov State Pedagogical University,
        - GU State Hydrological Institute,
        - Pskov Branch of the Federal State Scientific Institution 'State Scientific-Research Institute of Lake and River Fisheries' (FGNU 'GosNIORH').
        - FGU 'Central Forest State Nature Biosphere Reserve'.

To participate in the research work in the territory of the Reserve you can contact the scientific department.

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