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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Buffer zone

On areas of land and water spaces adjoining to the territories of the Polistovsky Reserve, according to the Resolution of the Administration of the Pskov region of June 6, 2000 No 154 a buffer zone of 17,297 hectares was established; its boundaries were defined and the relevant provisions were approved according to which there was established a limited regime of environmental management in the buffer zone of the Reserve. The purpose of the buffer zone is to protect the territory of the State Nature Reserve from adverse human impacts.

The objectives of the buffer zone are:
- protection of habitats and improvement of habitat of protected species;
- protection of the population of valuable, rare and endangered species. In this regard, within the protected zone it is prohibited to carry out any activity prejudicial to the natural objects and complexes of the Reserve, including: 
- destruction of rare and endangered species of plants, burning vegetation -
- main use forest felling 
- plugging the buffer area with industrial and domestic waste 
- stop for the night, choice of motor vehicle parking, making fires outside the areas designated for these purposes by the Administration of the Polistovsky State Nature Reserve and marked on the ground with special name plates.

           In order to support traditional nature use by the local population, providing additional income for local people, as well as to reduce negative impacts on natural systems of the Polistovsky Reserve, the administration adopted the Rules of sustainable management of natural resources in the buffer zone of the Polistovsky State Nature Reserve. This document has been prepared in accordance with paragraph 6 of the Regulations on the buffer zone of the Polistovsky Reserve and by the Administration Head of the Pskov Region of 22.07.2003 No 276 and approved by the Director' order of 11.07.2008 No 26. 
           According to the regulations, the administration of the Polistovsky Reserve shall annually allocate plots for picking cranberry to the population of Polistovskaya Volost of Bezhanitsy district and Podberezinskaya volost of Loknya district for their own needs; establish an annual period of cranberry-picking in the designated areas of the buffer zone; ensure annually permits for the local population (a standard ticket) for the right to collect cranberry and birch twigs at designated sites of the buffer zone.

At the same time, the following types of environmental use are limited in the buffer zone:

I.      Cranberry plucking 
1.      Cranberry seize amount is limited - maximum 15 kg per person.
2.      The use of mechanical means for gathering berries (combine harvesters) is prohibited).

II.    Harvesting of tree branches for making brooms 
1.      The complete destruction and significant damage to trees during harvesting branches throughout the buffer zone is prohibited.
2.      The harvesting of branches of juniper and deciduous tree species: oak, lime and others is prohibited.

III.  Prohibited throughout the buffer zone
1.      Professional and amateur hunting;
2.      Spring grass burning.

IV.   Allowed without additional restrictions: all other use types of fauna, including:
1.      Collecting all kinds of berries, except fruit cranberry;                               2.     Collecting all kinds of mushrooms;
3.      Collecting nuts without damaging hazel bushes;
4.      Collecting medicinal plants;
5.      Harvesting willow (osier); 
6.      Harvesting birch bark (bark);
7.      Amateur and sport fishing, according to the rules of fishing (the order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation of 29.12.2006 No 486).


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