Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Protection of the Reserve

заповедная территория, фото: Елена ПероваThe protection of the Reserve is regulated by Section 6 of the Regulations of the Federal State Institution 'Polistovsky State Nature Reserve', approved by the order of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia of 16.05.2003 No 430, as amended by the order of the Ministry of Natural Resources of 17.03.2005 No 66. According to this document (an excerpt from the Regulations about the Reserve),

throughout the Reserve it is forbidden to carry out any activity contrary to the objectives of the Reserve and the regime of special protection of its territory, including:

- actions that change the hydrology of lands 
- survey work and development of mineral resources, disturbance of the soil, yields of minerals, rocks and cliffs 
- logging, except for other loggings carried out in accordance with established procedures, harvesting of turpentine, wood juices, medicinal plants and industrial raw materials, as well as other types of forest use, except as provided by the Regulation about the Reserve 
- mowing, grazing, placement of hives and bee-keeping, collection and harvesting of wild fruits, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, flowers and other types of fauna use except the cases authorized by the Regulations about the Reserve;
-        construction and placement of industrial and agricultural enterprises and their individual facilities, construction of buildings, roads and overpasses, power lines and other communications, except where it is necessary for the operation of the Reserve, while for the facilities provided for the master plan, construction permits are made in accordance with Russian law on Local Government and Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation;
-        commercial, sport and amateur hunting and fishing, other types of use of wildlife, except as authorized by the Reserve;
-        introduction of living organisms in order to acclimatize;
-        application of mineral fertilizers and crop protection chemicals;
-        timber-rafting;
-        contamination of the territory with household and industrial waste and garbage;
-        transit run of domestic animals;
-        presence, walking and passage of unauthorized persons and vehicles off the public roads and waterways;
-        amassing of zoological, botanical, mineralogical, and other collections, except as provided by themes and plans for research in the Reserve;
-        destruction and damage of boards, gates, boundary pillars and other informational signs and posters of the Reserve, as well as special recreation places;
-        flying of helicopters and aircrafts lower than 2000 meters above the Reserve without the consent of its administration or the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage (Rosprirodnadzor), as well as overcoming the sound barrier by aircrafts over the territory of the Reserve;
-        other activities that violate the natural development of natural processes threatening the natural complexes and objects, as well as activities not related to the implementation of tasks entrusted to the Reserve.

Within the Reserve it is allowed to carry out activities aimed at:

рейд по охране территории, фото: Ирина Минина- preservation of natural environment, restoration, as well as prevention of changes in natural systems and their components as a result of foreign influence 
- maintenance of conditions that ensure sanitary and fire safety of people, animals and natural complexes and objects 
- prevention of natural hazards (snow avalanches, rockfalls, mudflows, etc) that threaten human life and human settlements 
- performance of scientific research and environmental monitoring 
- performance of ecological education work 
- implementation of control functions.

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