Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Protection of the Territory

In accordance with the Federal law 'About specially protected natural territories No 33-ФЗ the protection of natural complexes and objects on the territory of the Polistovsky Reserve and its buffer zone is carried out by a special state inspection.
       In its efforts to ensure the regime of a specially protected natural area the protection department is guided by the Federal Law 'About specially protected natural territories' No 33-ФЗ, the Statute of the Federal State Institution 'Polistovsky National Nature Reserve' approved by order of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia No 430 of 16.03.2003 (as amended by the order of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation No 66 of 17.03.2005), The order of the Administration of the Pskov region No 154 of 06.06.2000, the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences and the Criminal Code.
       The total area under protection makes 55,280 hectares, of which 37,983 hectares is the territory of the Reserve; 17,297 hectares is a security zone created to protect the Reserve from adverse human impacts. The area includes parts of Bezhanitsy and Loknya districts of the Pskov region. The border of the Polistovsky Reserve as its buffer zone is marked by special name plates to warn the public about the prohibition of finding out in the area. Within the Reserve, it is forbidden to carry out any activity contrary to the objectives of the Reserve and the regime of special protection of its territory, including: 
- locating, walking and passing of vehicles of unauthorized persons and vehicle
- cutting wood, resin, wood juices, herbs and raw materials, as well as other types of forest use 
- commercial, sport and unprofessional hunting and fishing, other kinds of use of the wildlife 
- mowing, grazing, placement of hives and bee-keeping, collection and harvesting of wild fruits, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, flowers, and other kinds of use of the plant world 
- pollution of the territory with household and industrial waste and debris 
- construction and placement of industrial and agricultural enterprises, construction of buildings, roads and overpasses, power lines and other communications 
- exploration and mining, disturbance of the soil, yields of minerals, rocks and cliffs 
- actions that change the hydrologic regime of the land 
- introduction of living organisms in order to acclimatize.
        The regime of the Polistovsky Reserve buffer zone is less strict. This allows economic activities and some types of use of natural resources.
      To improve the effectiveness of the security personnel, additional contact points (cordons) were established in each district.
       The personnel department of the Reserve consists of state inspectors to protect the territory, wardens, responsible for portions of the Reserve, and the operative group acting throughout the territory and performing control over the activities of inspectors and wardens.
       Working contacts with the bodies of internal affairs have been made. Employees of the Department of internal affairs of Bezhanitsy and Loknya, in some cases, are required to participate in the enforcement regime of the territory. 
The protection division of the Polistovsky Reserve is equipped with specialized equipment and communication facilities to work in remote areas. Material and technical basis of protection are regularly updated and supplemented within the framework of the public funding in accordance with the requirements of the current situation.

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