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Environmental education and interpretation

Currently, in all countries of the world issues of ecological education are considered as main directions in environmental policy, therefore, environmental education and interpretation activities in Polistovsky Reserve are very important. The work of environmental education and interpretation department of Polistovsky Reserve is aimed at promotion of ecological and environmental knowledge.


The main activities of the Department of Environmental Education and Interpretation:

1. In the age of information technology, environmental education is becoming increasingly important for the younger generation that is gradually moving away from nature. Therefore, one of the priorities of Polistovsky Reserve is working with educational and cultural institutions, teachers, school and pre-school children and students.

Children take part in environmental events and actions of Polistovsky Reserve with great pleasure - they sculpt, paint, build bird feeders and bird houses, make their small actions and parallel with it learn more and more about the world and the need for careful attitude to the environment. Very often adults - leaders and teachers who organize their young wards become involved in the actions.

Recently, the "Polistovsky Reserve Friends Club" was organizwd by the Reserve - it unites the most active guys who are interested in their native nature, environmental protection and participatiу in Polistovsky Reserve activities. 


2. One of the principles of ecotourism is to create conditions when neighbourship with the protected areas and nature conservation becomes interesting for the local community. Therefore, an important focus of the department of environmental education and interpretation is to maintain a collaborative relationship with the residents of the villages adjacent to the territory of Polistovsky Reserve. At the moment, some of them have developed their author's excursions that are stably popular. Yau can read about  them in the section "Author's tours".


3. Also, the department of environmental education and interpretation regularly develope and publish Polistovsky printed products: eco-educational comics (manga) "Khranitely", information booklets telling about Polistovsky Reserve, its tourist offerings and rich flora and fauna of the protected area, as well as its own newspaper "Polistovsky truth" distributed in the villages located near the Reserve.


4. In addition, the environmental education and interpretatio department organizes photo exhibitions: permanent ones - in the room of nature in Bezhanitsy historical and cultural center named by Filosofovy and in Loknya Regional Museum, and mobile ones - in Pskov, Velikiye Luki and other towns of Pskov region.


5. Also Polistovsky Reserve employees participate in social events and activities in Pskov region, such as the celebration of Carnival, the Honey Festival, Skobar Day, Days of the city or the village, and many others. 


6. Environmental education and interpretation department of Polistovsky Reserve is combined with the tourism department, so development of the nature excursions, design of information stands and formation of the tourist offers is also the responsibility of the department employees. Recently, in connection with the active development of ecotourism in the Reserve, it is relevant for the department to set up partnerships with travel agencies ready to organize tours to Polistovsky Reserve from the big cities.


Special attention is paid to the environmental education of the general public, starting the Pskov region residents, ending with the all Internet community. We strive to ensure that the greatest possible number of people learned about Polistovsky Reserve and nature conservation in general.

Reserve communicates with the mass media, especially with the regional, as well as with representatives of the blogosphere. We publish articles, notes and announcements in newswires, the most important ones - in Pskov regional press, we stand on the radio, and sometimes you can see Polistovsky Reserve on TV. Periodically we organize press tours for journalists to acquaint them with our nature and work. However, we are glad to see guests at any time, so it is not necessary to wait for a press tour to visit Polistovsksy.

The main source of information about us is this website, here you can find the answer to almost any question abour Polistovsky Reserve or contact our staff, visit virtual tours to our trails and visitor center, as well as to read our news about upcoming and past events and Reserve's life. Even more modern and popular sources of information about us are social networks. Welcome to our pages: on Facebook, Vkontakte, Google+, Instagram and the Youtube channel.

If you have any questions, please contact the department of environmental education and interpretation by phone: +7 (81141) 22-391 or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For a tour booking call:

+7 (81141) 223 91

or contact us by email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.