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April 5 – Opinion poll in Loknyansky district

Students of Pskov State University conducted an opinion poll in the villages adjacent to Polistovsky Reserve

In a framework of a joint project of the Public relations department of Pskov State University and Polistovsky Reserve an opinion poll was held in late March in Gogolevo, Sosnovo and Usadba villages. This survey was aimed at collecting sociological information about the peculiarities of life in this area, local community attitude and interaction with Polistovsky Reserve.

The purpose of research is detection of points of contact and conflict between the villagers and the Reserve. The main objectives of the project are: building positive social communication, establishing links between the reserve and local communities in order to develop eco-tourism, as well as the modeling of the preliminary plan of environmental education and interpretation program.


January 8 - Working meeting in Tsevlo

Plans for the upcoming tourist season were discussed in Tsevlo village

On the 6th of January a meeting of Tsevlo residents with Polistovsky Reserve employees and guests from St. Petersburg: Yulia Orlova – an organizer of the master class on dyeing wool by mushrooms in Tsevlo this autumn and FLEG-2 program consultant Natalya Milovidova was held at the reserve's guest house. Also, the meeting was attended by guests from Kostomukshsky National Nature Reserve.

The meeting began with a discussion of past and upcoming master classes on making traditional crafts and various kinds of handiwork. The production of natural soap caused the greatest interest. The participants of that master class plan to continue soap-making and may be even replenish the set of Polistovsky souvenirs by homemade soap, prepared using local bog ingredients.


December 24 - Master class on soap making

Master class on soap making in Tsevlo

The second master class on soap making was held in Tsevlo village on the 21-22 of December, the event was attended by 9 people from Tsevlo. Master class was conducted by Marina Svetlova  - soap-maker from Pskov, who makes Polistovsky Reserve’s souvenir-soap.

The master class was started with a presentation, talking about what handmade soap is, about its types, advantage over the analogues from shops, and about how to prepare this soap. All participants received a brochure on soap making and two soap recipes, which were tested during the master class.


October 21 - Meeting in Gogolevo

Meeting in Gogolevo

A meeting of the local community with the director of Polistovsky national nature reserve was held today in Gogolevo village. The main topic was the situation with the buffer zone of the reserve. Like at the yesterday's meeting in Tsevlo village, the current situation was explained to everyone, and it was mentioned that the buffer zone will be restored in the nearest future.

During this discussion a lot of questions about possibilities to change the borders of the buffer zone arose. For example, participants of the meeting suggested to exclude from the buffer zone some farmland areas that could be used for cuttings down trees grown there in past decades, and may be change the existing borders in other places.


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