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August 16 - Day of the village Krasny Luch

Last weekend there was a celebration of The day of the village Krasny Luch, Bezhanitsy district. 


May 16 - Seminar on the cooperation with the local community

Seminar "Forming partnerships with the local community"

From the 12th to the 14th of May a seminar "Forming partnerships with the local community" for PAs managers was held in Polistovsky Reserve.


April 28 - Community work days in Tsevlo

Community work days in Tsevlo village

From the 21st to the 23rd of April, 2016 the residents of Tsevlo village organized community work days to clean up the village with the support of Polistovsky Reserve and the Administration of the municipal formation "Polistovsky".

Activities included the improvement of the park "Lipki" – participants of the community work days set benches, removed debris and tree branches, trimmed bushes of acacia and planted pines, and painted a playground.


April 8 - Dried grass burnings - is it worth risking?

Uncontrolled dried grass burnings - is it worth risking?

The snow just melted and mass dried grass burnings have already begun in Pskov region, near Polistovsky Reserve. Grass is burning everywhere: on the agricultural fields and along the roads, often very close to settlements, where you can periodically smell acrid smoke.

Why do people burn dried grass? Someone thinks that this procedure will enhance soil fertility, while others believe that in this way they prevent the occurrence of forest fires, and someone just set fire to the grass for the sake of entertainment.


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