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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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June 19 - Meeting in Gogolevo

On June 16, in Gogolevo village a meeting between the residents of and the staff of Polistovsky Reserve took place.


June 7 - Start of the ecological contest "Your land"

Environmental initiatives of residents and guests of Pskov region will be rewarded.


December 6 - Volunteer's Day in Bezhanitsy

On December 4, a festive event dedicated to the International Volunteer Day took place in Bezhanitsy.

The organizers of the festival were "Yunost" Youth Center and Polistovsky State Nature Reserve.


17 August - Meeting in Tsevlo

This week there was a meeting of employees of Polistovsky Reserve and residents of the village Tsevlo.

One of the reasons for the meeting was to acquaint residents with the new leadership of the reserve: Acting Director Igor E. Mikhailov and Deputy Director for environmental education and tourism Elena Perova.


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