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February 19 - Tsevlo village residents discussed cooperation with Polistovsky Reserve

Tsevlo village residents discussed cooperation with Polistovsky Reserve

встреча в деревне Цевло, Полистовский заповедник

On Friday, the 16th of February, Polistovsky Reserve staff met with the residents of Tsevlo village on the scientific-technical base of Polistovsky Reserve and discussed plans for the upcoming summer tourist season.

The first issue on the agenda was the construction of a pier on Lake Tsevlo, started in January. It is planned that in the summer the pier will be opened for general use. Thus, the owners of boats living in Tsevlo, and the staff of the reserve will be much more comfortable to sail and moor. The construction of the pier should be completed by the summer, its length will be more than 100 meters.

встреча в деревне Цевло, Полистовский заповедник

In addition, the meeting discussed the development of a new bicycle route around the village. Perhaps this summer, tourists will be able to rent bicycles in Polistovsky Reserve and have a trip accompanied by one of the Tsevlo residents, who will show the most picturesque places to the guests and tell about the history of the bogside territories.

During tea with pies from the local hostess, Zinaida Petrovna, the participants discussed the details of the existing master classes and the formation of new proposals. This year, it is planned to organise new creative workshops for Tsevelo residents, so that they can share their knowledge and skills with tourists. The participants of the meeting expressed their suggestions on conducting master classes on the coloring of fabrics with natural dyes, ribbons embroidery, woodblock printing on textiles, and painting on cups and plates.

встреча в деревне Цевло, Полистовский заповедник

At the end of the meeting it was decided to hold a master class for the villagers on at least one of the listed directions, and also to visit the historical and cultural center of the Philosophovy together to exchange experience with the museum staff and, possibly, the craftsmen. In April, it's planned to held a trial bike excursion developed by the most active Tsevelo residents.

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