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January 10 - Winter school holidays with Polistovsky Reserve

Winter school holidays with Polistovsky Reserve

During winter school holidays in Tsevlo and Gogolevo villages, children and their parents took part in the New Year's cognitive events dedicated to Polistovsky Reserve nature.

On the 6th of January, Tsevlo village residents gathered in the Village Club to participate in the quest "Visiting Polistovsky Reserve." Stations of the quest were developed and conducted by active participants of Polistovsky Reserve Friends Club, assignments were devoted to Polistovsky nature and the Reserve's inhabitants, as well as fighting natural fires.

Within the framework of the quest more than 20 Tsevlo residents visited Polistovsky Reserve events - there were children who spent holidays in the village, their parents, grandmothers and elder brothers and sisters. All the participants of the event received souvenirs with the symbols of Polistovsky Reserve, made with their own hands.

In the village of Gogolevo, the winter holidays ended with a meeting that took place in a guest house of Polistovsky Reserve on the 10th of January. Young Gogolevo residents got acquainted with wintering Polistovsky birds - watched a presentation and a film, and then tried to identify birds by description, voice and image. The guys received souvenirs from Polistovsky Reserve and decided to gather together more often to get acquainted with the world around and share their knowledge about it.

Thematic meetings of Polistovsky Reserve employees with the children who spend holidays in the villages located near the Reserve, will be held again in the spring. Meanwhile, schoolchildren will learn new about the nature of their native land at environmental lessons that Reserve staff conduct in the schools of Pskov region.

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