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October 20 - Meeting in Tsevlo

Meeting in Tsevlo

On the 20th of October a meeting of the director and employees of Polistovsky National Nature Reserve with the local community and with the head of Administration "Polistovsky volost" Valery Mikhailov took place in Tsevlo village.

The Head of the Administration discussed construction of a pier and a garage for the boats that carry tourists with the reserve staff. The idea was that the staff of the reserve together with fishermen and boat owners from Tsevlo can equip two piers in order to use them together. A location for the piers was preliminarily selected on the shore of Tsevlo Lake. The reserve can provide building materials and hopes that the villagers will help in piers construction, which can begin in the next year.

In addition, they talked about littering of the shores of Tsevla River and Polisto Lake. It was proposed to establish informative signs in "Peski" tract urging people to take the garbage away with them, and to set garbage containers on Tsevlo Lake. Also it was proposed to establish benches and fire places on the shores of Tsevlo for recreation for locals and Tsevlo village visitors.

The main topic of the meeting of the residents of Tsevlo and the director of the reserve was the question of the reserve’s buffer zone. As it turned out a few weeks ago, in May 2015 the Administration of Pskov Region reversed a ruling about the buffer zone of Polistovsky reserve. At the moment the problem is solving between the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation and the Administration of Pskov region. We hope that the buffer zone of the reserve will be restored very soon.

They also discussed plans of organizing various workshops in Tsevlo and search of historical materials and photos of the village life for future historical and cultural editions of "Polistovsky truth" newspaper.

Tomorrow a similar meeting will be held in Gogolevo village located near the reserve in Loknyansky District.

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