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March 30 - Excellent spring holidays in “Rodnik”

Excellent spring holidays in “Rodnik”

During the spring holidays from 19th to 25th of March daily children'senvironmental camp "Rodnik" was held at Tsevelo country club. At this time, not only employees of Polistovsky Reserve, but also Bezhanitsky Filosofovy Museum employee, as well as puppet makerfrom Krasny Luch villagehelped in organization of the camp.

The first day was dedicated to the studying actual history of the PAs system of Russia, that will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. And also during the day children learned how important bog ecosystem: not only for animals and birds living there, but also for our common home - Earth.


February 25 - "Rodnik" in Polistovsky Reserve

Workshop for children "Rodnik" in Polistovsky Reserve

How to tame a wolf or a rainbow, what stories can tell track traces of birds and animals - all this and more chidren will learn on the lessons of ecological and biological workshop "Rodnik" at Tsevlo village club.

Since the beginning of 2016, "Rodnik" meetings became regular and are held every Saturday. On the lessons participants play ecological games and quizzes, whatch educational presentations and movies and, of course, take part in creative master classes!


February 29 - Children's scientific-practical conference

Children's scientific-practical conference dedicated to the World Wetlands Day

Оn the 20th of February VIII Children's scientific-practical conference dedicated to the World Wetlands Day was held in Holm town. Every year young environmentalists from Pskov and Novgorod regions gather together at this event to gain new knowledge and to exchange experience obtained in the course of nature conservation, research and environmental education activities.


January 11- Winter program "Rodnik"

Winter program "Rodnik"

From the 4th to the 8th of January an eco-educational program "Rodnik" organized by Polistovsky Reserve’s Friends Club took place in Tsevlo village. 16 children who live in Tsevlo, and came there for New Year holidays from Krasny Luch village, Bezhanitsy, Velikie Luki, Pskov and St. Petersburg took part in the program.


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