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September 28 - News of the Polistovsky Reserve Friends Club

Friends Club of Polistovsky Reserve in Khakasia.

From September 19 to 23, 2017, the Friends Club of Polistovsky Reserve took part in the International "Friends of Reserved Islands" Meeting . About 300 participants gathered in the Republic of Khakasia, there were schoolchildren and their mentors from more than 20 russian regions. Among the guests of the meeting were teachers and representatives of nature reserves and national parks of Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The grand opening of the meeting took place on September 20 in the new Republican Museum and Cultural Center of Abakan. There the awarding ceremony was held: winners of the design works contest "The Reserve Islands of Russia" got their prizes. In the exhibition hall of the center were presented the best projects of the Friends Clubs, their successful work experience for the benefit of the unique nature of Russia and the cultural heritage of our country. Members of Polistovsky Reserve Friends Club Anna Zaharova and Alyona Kiryuhina presented the project "The village is rich with kindness", implemented since June 2017 in Tsevlo village on the basis of a village club with the support of the Union for the Protection of Mental Health.

The flash-mob "100 years of protected areas", as well as the "Trail of the Meeting" action, became the bright concluding moment of the solemn part of the gathering. The guys laid a memorable alley, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the russian system of specially protected areas. Armed with shovels, the participants amicably planted seedlings of fir, ashberry and apple trees on the territory of the republican museum and cultural center of Abakan. In total, 200 trees and shrubs were planted by the guests of the republic.

From the first day the participants literally plunged into the world of nature reserves and national parks. Being teamed up, the schoolchildren worked on thematic venues such as "Eagle's Nest", "Sable Wood", "Rock of Kabarga" and others, shared their experiences and learned from the professionals of nature reserves a lot about the flora and fauna, about how to study and protect them.

On the last day participants visited an interesting excursion program. The delegation of the international meeting watched the exposition of the historical and ethnographic museum-reserve "Shushenskoye". The staff of the museum prepared for the young ecologists a sightseeing tour, acquaintance with ancient handicrafts, a visit to the art exhibition "Temples of Russia". The excursion to the museum covered the most diverse aspects of life of Siberian peasants at the end of 19th century, including the topic of respect for nature.

The participants of the meeting dispersed in their protected areas from the Kaliningrad region to the Far East with new ideas, emotions and hopes to reunite with such a large and friendly company. And the team of the Friends Club of Polistovsky Reserve had plans for the near future on practical assistance to their neigbouring protected area.

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