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June 14 - Vacations in Polistovie

Since June 5 ecoeducative program for children began on the basis of the Tsevlo Village Club.

This year, "Vacations in Polistovie" began with a week of creativity under the guidance of the Moscow artist Arina Morgan. Children created their bestiary albums (encyclopedia of fictional creatures), still-lifes in the style of Van Gogh and tried to draw in the manner of Niko Pirosmani. The week ended with an exhibition in the Tsevlo Village Club, where the villagers could see all the works, and young artists told about their acquaintance with the beautiful world of painting. In addition to creative master classes, members of the Friends Club of Polistovsky Reserve held community work days for the improvement of playground and the picturesque shore of Lake Tsevlo.

The program for children living on vacation in Tsevlo has been held for the second year. Its events are organized by volunteers from different regions of Russia and guests from other countries. For volunteers, this is a great opportunity not only to get acquainted with the wonderful world of swamp, but also to transfer their knowledge and skills to the village children. "Vacations in Polistovie" is one of the activities within the project "The Village is Rich with Kindness ", supported by the Union for the Protection of Mental Health in the framework of the annual contest "Healthy Generation". Summer vacations in the village are a great opportunity to open the world around you every day with friends and senior mentors!

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