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Calendar of environmental dates

          January 11 - Day of national parks

         January 11, 1997 at the initiative of the Center for Conservation of Wildlife, World Wildlife Fund, Eco-Center was first recorded day of nature reserves and national parks. 
         Selected date is not by chance, on this day in 1916 in Russia was formed the first state nature reserve Barguzinsky. Every year this holiday has become more important. In our world there are fewer places untouched nature. Employees of reserves and national parks have an important and responsible role - to maintain and restore the unique natural systems of our country and the region, the diversity of flora and fauna.  

         February 2 - International Day of Wetlands

         February 2, 1971 in Ramsar (Iran) had signed the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, primarily as habitat for waterfowl, and since then is known as the Ramsar Convention. Day it was signed in 1997 declared the World Day of wetlands. In our country under the protection were taken over 40 of these lands, representing the greatest recreational, economic and cultural value.  
         In Northwest Russia is the biggest horse marsh system of Europe, an area of more than 90 thousand hectares. In order to preserve and study the natural course of natural processes and phenomena of genetic fund of flora and fauna, individual species and communities of plants and animals, typical and unique ecosystems in 1994, its territory was created Reserve Polistovsky. 
         Currently, single-sheet-Lovatsky marsh array included in the prospective list of the most valuable wetlands in Russia to give him what the status of a wetland of international importance - Ramsar site.

         February 25 - Birthday of the Association of reserves and national parks of North-West Russia    

         February 25, 1995 is considered the birthday of the Association of reserves and national parks of North-West Russia. The idea of its creation was launched in August 1994 in Vodlozersky NP, on the Russian-American seminar on the management of protected areas in Russia. The initiative was supported by participants nationwide workshop on protected areas in Adler, in December 1995. Today it is the largest non-governmental organization that unites 23 members.   
         The Association was created to coordinate efforts on the core activities of national parks and reserves, and over the years has managed to create a sort of professional club for communication specialists in all areas of protected areas: managers, scientists, environmental education specialist departments, ecotourism, forestry, protection.

         March 21 - International Day for Forests 
         March 21 is celebrated worldwide International Day of the forest, which was founded at the initiative of the UN in 1971. The main objective of the International Day of the forest - to raise awareness on this planet about the importance of forest ecosystems, their protection, regeneration, and recovery. Processes of forest loss and degradation have become international issues that require joint decision by all countries of the world. 
         From  January 1, 2007 introduced a new Forest Code of the Russian Federation, which the subjects of the Russian Federation transferred authority for disposal and use of forests and their protection, preservation and reproduction. However, the experts it is very serious concerns its focus on extracting maximum profit from the forest in the absence of mechanisms to ensure sustainable forest management. So, in a public statement before the International Day of Forests study of German experts say that at least every seventh wood harvested illegally in Russia.

         March 22 - World Day for Water (Water bodies) 
         UN General Assembly to address the UN Conference on Environment and Development in 1992 was declared International Day for Water. States were invited to spend the day events dedicated to the preservation and development of water resources. In 2003, the General Assembly in its resolution № A/RES/58/217 proclaimed the period 2005-2015. Beginning with World Water Day March 22, 2005 as the International Decade for Action "Water for Life". The aim of the Decade - the development of international cooperation to address pressing problems associated with water.        
         In 1995, Russia was first noted by the International Water Day, which was held under the theme "Water - that's life." The purpose of this holiday - to draw attention to the problems of shortage of drinking water, the need for conservation and sustainable use of water resources.The purpose of this holiday - to draw attention to the problems of shortage of drinking water, the need for conservation and sustainable use of water resources. For the World Water Day, attracted the world's governments, international agencies, NGOs, educational institutions and culture. Since that day held mass rallies, campaigns for the protection of water bodies, tours, conferences, seminars, forums and exhibitions.In our country, the work of the Day Water manages office of Water Resources under the Ministry of Natural Resources.  

         March 29 (30) - Earth Day      

         Earth Day originated in the twentieth century. It was at this time, scientists were able to calculate that after 300 years may be at risk complete annihilation of mankind. The purpose of this Day is to unite all people in the world in protecting the environment, focusing on maintaining a fragile and vulnerable the planet Earth.
         It seems that the Earth - the eternal, that man will live there always, but in fact the threat of the end of every life lies in man himself.
The problem of soil pollution in residential areas has always been important as the soil is the environmental risk factors affecting the quality of life and health. And today, this question remains unresolved.

         April 1 - International Day for the birds

         March 19, 1902 was signed by the "International Convention for the Protection of Birds useful to agriculture", which entered into force on 12 December 1905. In 1918 Soviet Russia signed the International Treaty on migratory birds, which operates to the present.
         In Russia, the first Bird Day was held in 1924 under the guidance of a teacher in Mazurova Ermolinskaya School of Smolensk region. However, officially marked the International Day of birds in the USSR was April 1, 1927. Only in Moscow on this day was hanged 1098 birdhouses, the action involved about 5000 people, mostly children. In 1928 the Day of birds across the country attended by 65 thousand guys who hung out 15 182 birdhouses, and almost a quarter of a century later - more than 5 million students in only one of the RSFSR. Since such an event became a mass. 
In 1996, the Russian Bird Conservation Union took the initiative to carry out in April "Spring Day Birds". Annually, since 1996, Russia's largest organization for the conservation of species diversity is chosen bird of the year. Selected bird is in "his year" in the spotlight. . Is a nationwide collection of data on its abundance and distribution, helping people solve their problems.

         April 15 - June 5 - The days of protection from environmental hazards

         The ecological crisis has prompted mankind to find a solution to the problems of environmental pollution. According to the eminent scientist Vernadsky's most important task of every inhabitant of the Earth is to learn how to "govern themselves in a relationship with nature". Environmental education and awareness gained international recognition as a major means of addressing environmental issues. 
         In important role in environmental education in Russia are Days of protection from environmental hazards, which is held annually in Russia from April 15 to June 5.
         The History of the Days of protection is instructive that originally, in 1993 they were made by the initiators of public organizations (National Association for regions with unfavorable environmental conditions, the Union "Chernobyl", the All-Russian Society for Nature and others), Ministry of Russia, the media, etc.
         The motto of the Days of protection: "Environment - Safety - Living." Their conduct has become a tradition that reflects the desire of millions of people live in harmony with nature. Russian experience interested and abroad. In 1996 year  performed "The First Days of ecological safety in the Czech lands," "The First Days of ecological safety on the Chinese soil."

         April 18 -  April 22 - March for Parks          

         From 1995 on the initiative of the Biodiversity Conservation Center in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Central Asian States held annually "March for Parks" - an international campaign of public support for protected areas. The purpose of the holiday is to raise people's participation in environmental management of nature reserves and national parks. During the March for Parks people around the world conducting a variety of activities, but most important is environmental education. During the March parks are round tables and press conferences, tours and environmental landings, the transfer of nature protection.
         Organizer and coordinator of the March of parks is the Biodiversity Conservation Center, which developed the concept of shares, logo and strategy development. Every year in the "March for Parks" involved hundreds of thousands of people.
          More than 200 governmental and non-CIS countries cooperating with the BCC as organizers of local marches. Action supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, the relevant ministries of the CIS countries.

         April 19 - April 26 - Spring Week of Good

         Spring Week of Good - is an annual week of Russian volunteers, conducting in Russia, the efforts of volunteers and nonprofit organizations in partnership with biznescommunity and power. 
         As a Russian volunteer week GNI implemented at the interregional and national level in 1997 - 1998 years (until then had been initiated and carried out since 1992 by volunteers Moscow as a charity Easter Week).

         April 22 - World Earth Day

         Earth Day is associated with the name of a resident of the Americas by John Morton. In 1840 J. Sterling Morton moved with his family to the territory of Nebraska, where they saw the vast prairie with lone trees that were cut down for firewood and building houses.
         Morton and his wife immediately began to plant trees, and launched a campaign to promote gardening, he also suggested that residents of Nebraska to set a date to be devoted to landscaping, and to establish prizes for those who have planted more trees - a kind of Day of the Tree. The idea met with support and the first day residents of the state were planted nearly a million trees. In 1882, Nebraska has announced Tree Day an official holiday. He celebrated the birthday of Morton - April 22.
         In 1970, more than 20 million people worldwide took part in the rally, which was called Earth Day. In 1990 the festival became international, with the same year, Earth Day is celebrated in Russia.

         May 12 - Day of Environmental Education        

         In 1992 in Rio de Janeiro hosted the United Nations Conference aimed at discussing the problems of environment and development education and recognized the great importance of environmental education in the implementation of strategies for survival and sustainable development of mankind.
         The main purpose of environmental education is the formation of ecological consciousness, because only consciousness that determines the behavioral responses of man, his actions, expressed in an ecological culture.
         The relationship between man and nature are complex and require careful study. Achievements of mankind in the consumption of natural resources depends on our knowledge of nature and able to use them. Therefore, environmental education and in the world and in Russia, is now regarded as a priority of training and education is one means of addressing the global environmental crisis.

          May 22 - International Day for Biological Diversity

         December 20, 2000 the General Assembly proclaimed 22 May (day of the Convention on Biological Diversity) - The International Day for Biological Diversity.
         In 1973, Washington signed the Convention on Trade in wild species of flora and fauna in Endangered Species (CITES), aimed at controlling the growth of international trade in objects of nature.
         December 20, 2006 the General Assembly in its resolution 61/203 proclaimed 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity.
         Human activity on Earth on the effect on species diversity is now starting to surpass all known geological disasters in the past. It is therefore very important to prevent such a reduction of biological diversity, which would reflect on the sustainability of both natural and human systems and moved to the boundary self-restoration capabilities of nature.

         June 5 - World Environment Day. Day ecologist in Russia

         At the UN Conference on Environment held in 1972 in Stockholm, the UN General Assembly on June 5 was declared World Environment Day.   Since 1973, this day is celebrated in all countries - members of the UN, including in Russia, as the World Environment Day.
International Cooperation on Environment headed by UNESCO. It was developed by the Intergovernmental Regional Environment Programme (UNEP). Since then made about 200 treaties governing the use of natural resources and pollution.
          An important conference was held in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), which was proclaimed the holiday. Each year, UNEP, on a competitive basis chooses the capital of one of the states - members of the UN - to organize the main celebrations. In 1998 they were held in Moscow. Their slogan was "Save our seas for the sake of life on Earth".
         June 5, 2008 the first day of the ecologist is officially celebrated in Russia as a professional holiday, the decree "On the Day of the ecologist" (№ 933 from June 21, 2007) was signed by President Russia Putin.
         The appearance of this holiday in Russia emphasizes the recognition of professional staff from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment prosecutors, various state environmental agencies and environmental NGOs and all those who work for the benefit of preserving the natural environment.

         July 11 - Day of Action against fishing

         In 2003, during the Second All-Russian Congress of animal rights, it was decided to hold a day of action against fishing and in conjunction with the Day of the fisherman. July 11, 2003 in the city of Novorossiysk held the first day of action against fishing. With support from local environmentalists and representatives of the media campaign was held successfully, and included not just picketing with the distribution of leaflets, but also an interesting theatrical performance.
         It is assumed that the Day of Action against the fishing will become an annual and is already the first steps towards this. In July 2004 action against the fishing took place in the Black Sea town of Sochi.

         September 8 - Day of the Crane

          Symbol of organizations, protecting nature, Crane first began in the United States. There, to save the endangered American Crane, scientists underlay his eggs in the nests of other populations of cranes, which were sent to the breeding in a safe place. Day, when the nesting off a clutch of rescued birds, and became the environmental holiday.
         Crane Day in Russia since ancient times was a wire cranes and summer. It is held in September, as it is in this month сranes gather in flocks and fly away for the winter. Departing cranes accompanied and even tried to detain, associating them with the onset of cold weather departure. The village boys seeing flying geese, ran after him shouting: "Wheel of the road!". It was believed that so you can bring back summer.
To date, this bird is on the verge of extinction and are listed as endangered.

         September 15 - Forest Day   

         September 18, 1977 in the Soviet Union had taken "the forest legislation", governing the forestry sector. From that day to celebrate Day of the forest, which was officially established by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 01.10.1980 № 3018-X "On holidays and memorial days."
        Today is Day of the forest note in Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.
         It is estimated that forests cover about one third of the land area. Total forest area on Earth is 38 million square meters km. The forest area in Russia amounts to about 8 million square meters km.
         Forest - our greatest natural treasure, a pledge of environmental safety, the priority component of the national economy and the foundation of economic stability.

         September 16 - International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

         In 1994 the General Assembly proclaimed september 16 the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. This day was adopted to commemorate the signing in 1987 in Canada the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. Its main objective - to prevent the destruction of the ozone layer due to anthropogenic influences. The Montreal Protocol has been to ban the production and consumption of more than 100 types of chemicals that deplete the ozone layer. Many of these substances contribute to global warming.
         As is known, ozone protects the earth from ultraviolet radiation, which is the main cause of melanoma and other skin cancers.
         The motto of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer: "Save the Sky: Protect Yourself - Protect the Ozone Layer".

         September 20 - International Bat Night

         International Bat Night is held from 20 to 21 September - the day of the autumnal equinox. The history of this holiday has its roots in antiquity, then it was called differently and had a mystical character. The history of this holiday has its roots in antiquity, then it was called differently and had a mystical character. In modern times it is done in some European countries, and since 2003 in Russia. The purpose of the holiday - to attract people's attention to the problem of bats, because many people are experiencing unreasonable and superstitious fear of bats.
         Date of the holiday was not chosen randomly. That autumn the bats migrate to wintering grounds, where before the hibernation begin to reproduce. On the wintering grounds accumulates a very large number of these animals and they become especially vulnerable, and therefore the protection of places of wintering bats - one of the most important tasks.

          September 21 - September 27 - Week of Action of the World "We clean the world" (Let's clear the planet of garbage)

          For the first time the action "We clean the world" was held in September 1993 and held its residents of Australia, clearing the ocean beaches of waste and garbage. Subsequently acceded to by people of many countries and now every year in the action involving hundreds of thousands of people in all corners of the globe. People in different parts of the world, dedicated a week in September to clear the debris from his hometown, to organize events environmental focus and talk about how important maintaining a clean planet for all life on earth.
         So, in 2004 Greenpeace organized in St. Petersburg, theatrical sort garbage to demonstrate to the city as necessary to correctly sort waste, and what useful things can be obtained as a result of their processing.

         October 4 - International Day for the Protection of Animals

         In 1931 the International Congress of supporters of the movement to protect nature, held in Florence, it was decided to celebrate the International Day on October 4 for Animal Welfare. In Russia, the day began celebrated since 2000 on the initiative of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.
         Historically this date is associated with the Day of St. Francis, who was the patron saint of all animals. He traveled the world and help all the suffering and persecuted, especially animals. The day of his death (October 4, 1226) is now observed as a day of animal protection worldwide. Also approved by the Prize of St. Francis, which is awarded for outstanding achievements in the protection of nature.
         According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) every hour three kinds of animals disappear from the face of the earth, and a quarter of all species of flora and fauna of our planet will cease to exist in the near future.  Therefore, the Day of animals is set to raise public awareness of the need to protect the environment, increased activity in the protection of animals.

         October 5 - October 6 - World Days of Bird Watching       

         In early October, are the days of World Bird Watching. The purpose of the observation data - to draw people's attention to the world cruise, to the problems of preserving their habitat and conservation in general. In this action involving hundreds of thousands of residents of most countries. Russia joined the World Days of Bird Watching in 1995, and from that moment its members were over 80 000 Russians. Last year our country is the second time became the champion of this action and the number of participants (33,540 people from 74 regions of our country), and the number of tagged species (270), and the number of encountered individuals (1255183).       
         The main task of the Days of observation - to rewrite all of the birds encountered in a given period of time and send the results to national focal points. Feathered believe children and adults, ornithologists, nature lovers and professionals of different professions. The results of such a mass simultaneous consideration are of great scientific importance. They are processed in a national focal point, and then unite them in an international data bank. Russian Coordination Centre shares in Nizhny Novgorod.

         October 6 - World Day for habitat protection    

         In 1979 the Convention for the Protection of wild flora and fauna and natural habitats in Europe was established by the World Day for safety and habitats. In 1992 in Rio de Janeiro hosted the UN conference on Environment, which was attended by leaders of 190 states.
         At the conference adopted the "Agenda 21 century" - comprehensive program of social development, which provides for the continuation of favorable environment for present and future generations.
         Man is more a result of their activities affect the natural processes, thus changing it. Every year in the world are increasingly moving to the discharge areas of farmland, pastures are subject to change due to urban growth, mining, construction, factories and other facilities of the national economy.
         The main thing that should be remembered in modern society, which disappears in the animal world - disappears forever.

         October 14 - Day of Reserves

         Public Environmental Council of the Ministry of Natural Resources has decided to celebrate the Day of Russian reserves.
This decision - one of the items approved plan for the celebration of 90 anniversary of establishment of the state system of protected areas.

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