Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Volunteers are enthusiastic and active people voluntarily and freely engaged in various kinds of socially useful activity. Lots of different organizations involve volunteers when they need assistance in a diverse fields of activity.

Today it is a very common practice to attract volunteers to protected areas. They are involved in design, improvement, observations of nature, and even conduct sightseeing tours. In return, volunteers get a lot of vivid impressions, knowledge of nature, opportunities to see interesting and unique places, get acquainted with the work of environmental agencies and socialize with new people.

Each year, volunteers come and Polistovsky Reserve traditionally to help employees of the scientific department. The first volunteers who participated in the research, came to the Reserve in 2003. They helped to lay down and describe sample areas on the burned territory remaining after the great fire of 2002. The fire damaged vegetation mainly in the northern part of the Reserve on the area of almost 2 thousand hectares. After reconnaissance of the affected area 18 sample areas were incorporated to monitor processes of revegetation. Investigations are continuing, and every year we invite volunteers to Polistovsky to help employees of the scientific department.

Scince 2016 we decide to involve volunterrs not only in research but also in other activities of the Reserve. This year we invite volunteers who want to help us in conducting geo-botanical descriptions and monitoring, conducting excursions for tourists, repairing ecotrails and garbage collection. From our side we are ready to offer free accommodation on the basis of the Reserve and an opportunity to get acquainted with the raised bogs visiting our ecological routes.


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