Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Polistovsky National Nature Reserve is located in Bezhanitsky and the Loknyansky districts of Pskov region and protects a part of Europe's largest Polistovo-Lovatskaya raised bog system. This unique ecosystem is highly vulnerable and need special protection.

There are three types of protected areas, and on each of them there is a certain mode of attendance and behavior rules that were developed for the conservation of natural resources in the region:

1. The territory of Polistovsky National Nature Reserve is 37 837 hectares, and any nature usage activities and even the presence on the territory without the permission of the administration of the Reserve is strictly prohibited.

2. Buffer zone was established to protect the reserve's territory itself from anthropogenic influences from outside, it is kind of a buffer between the areas of active nature usage and untouched wilderness. Polistovsky Reserve's buffer zone area is 17 297 hectares.

Prohibitions on the territory of the buffer zone:

  • destruction of rare and endangered plant species
  • burning of vegetation
  • conducting continuous logging
  • harvesting of oleoresin (tree resin)
  • placing of waste and garbage
  • staying overnight
  • making fires and vehicles parking
  • hunting and major construction

3. Nature Monument of regional significance "Polisto Lake" - the largest pond of Polistovo-Lovatskaya raised bog system. It has great natural value for maintaining the hydrological regime, for the preservation of the landscape and biodiversity of the region. The area of the Nature Monument is 8 241.8 hectares.

Prohibitions on the territory of "Polisto Lake" Nature Monument:

  • water pollution
  • destruction of plants and animals
  • activities altering the coastal water bodies (such as the creation of dams and dikes on neighboring rivers)
  • using motor boats (exceptions: residents of the villages Ruchi, Chelets, Polisto and Veryazha, as well as the employees of the Reserve, performing duties)
  • spring hunting
  • fishing from the time of ice melting until the 5th of June
  • land plowing
  • making fires and staying overnight (equipping special places for bonfires and overnight is planned in the near future)

You can have a look at protected areas on the map (clickable):

  • solid white line is the boundary of Polistovsky Reserve
  • area with dashed line hatching is Polisrovsky Reserve buffer zone
  • area with dot-hatching is the territory of "Polisto Lake" Nature Monument

There are also Polistovsky ecotrails (orange lines) and some surrounding villages.

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