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March 19 - Participants of the EU international project study the role of Polistovsky Reserve in the life of local community

Participants of the EU international project study the role of Polistovsky Reserve in the life of local community

гости в визит-центре Полистовского заповедника

On Friday, the 16th of March, scientists from Pskov State University, Siberian Federal University and Estonian University of Natural Sciences visited Polistovsky Reserve and Tsvlo village for research in the framework of the international project "EU governance of natural resources: geopolitics, regions and sectors" (GRaSs).

Experts are going to study the impact of protected areas on quality of life and economic situation in local communities in Russia, Belarus and Estonia and the role of protected areas in the development of local communities. As a result, it is planned to analyze the collected data and prepare a scientific publication.

In the visitor center of Polistovsky Reserve, the participants of the project met with the staff of the protected area and Bezhanitsky forestry. The guests learned that before the Reserve there were settlements in the bog that have now passed into the wild nature; and that now the activity of the Reserve mostly affects Tsevlo and Gogolevo villages and their residents.

краеведческий музей в деревне Цевло

There were also questions about the limitations of economic activities in the Reserve’s buffer zone and about violations of the environmental regime, most of which are the cases of cranberry collection on a protected bog. The issue of development of eco-tourism and agro-tourism was also touched upon. The participants agreed that in the field of agro-tourism we should follow Belarus suit where this direction is developing particularly successfully.

Scientists also visited Tsevlo village and talked with its residents, actively cooperating with Polistovsky Reserve. In Tsevlo Village Local History and recreated classroom of early 80-ies they got acquainted with the history of Tsevlo village. At the meeting in Polistovsky Reserve’s guest house they discussed today’s life of Tsevlo and main activities of its residents. Also, guests visited the shore of Tsevlo Lake, where the pier, which will allow villagers and the Reserve staff to moor and sail more comfortably, is almost built.

встреча в гостевом доме Полистовского заповедника

"EU governance of natural resources: geopolitics, regions and sectors" project studying EU sectoral, regional, & global natural resource governance, its implications for Russia (RU) and Belarus, and their perspective on this. In particular, we explore the perspective of Northwest Russia and a specific region (Pskov) that borders the EU and Belarus. Its goal is to find and analyze possible areas of mutually beneficial cooperation, especially in the use of experience in the development and implementation of EU environmental policies, as well as instruments for its cross-border and international cooperation.

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