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February 27 - Meeting in the village of Gogolevo

Polistovsky Reserve employees discussed the prospects for the development of ecological tourism and cooperation with Gogolevo village residents in Locniansky district. 

On the eve of the Defender of the Fatherland Day representatives of the departments of environmental education, interpretation and tourism and law-enforcement of Polistovsky Reserve and Gogolevo village residents gathered together in the new guest house in Gogolevo.

First of all, they discussed the organization of catering for Polistovsky Reserve guests. Very soon, the tourist season will begin, so creation of comfortable conditions for visitors is relevant now. As you know, there is a practice of catering for tourists in Tsevlo village, Bezhanitsky district - Zinaida Fevraleva treats guests with dishes of Tsevel cuisine. The administration of the Reserve hopes that Gogolevo residents will surprise visitors with traditional local dishes very soon.

As in Tsevlo, the meeting discussed the development of a bicycle tour around the village of Gogolevo; and many offered their help in collecting information about nearby settlements. 

In addition, Gogolevo residents told the story of the young guys who were shot for cooperation with the partisans during the World War II. For a long time the place of burial was visited, many came here to honor the memory of the dead, but over the years this story began to be forgotten. Residents of Gogolevo offer to organise a spring joint expedition in order to find a burial place and establish a fence there to preserve this place and memory of the self-sacrificing defenders of the Motherland. 

At the meeting, they also talked about other author's tourist offers: historical excursions around the village of Gogolevo and the local history museum of the second half of the 20th century, as well as creative master classes from local residents. 

Employees of Polistovsky Reserve, in turn, offered to develop a new ecological route near the village of Gogolevo. It is planned to create a route equipped with wooden flooring with information stands and open to everyone. The idea was supported, and this project will begin to be implemented soon. 
At the end of the meeting, they discussed the possibility of holding joint events: cognitive activities for children during the holidays and the Day of Gogolevo village for all its residents. 

The meeting of the employees of Polistovsky Reserve with the residents of Gogolevo village was held in a warm, friendly atmosphere with a cup of hot tea with fragrant pies. The participants of the meeting hope for further cooperation and development of environmental education and tourism in Gogolevo.

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