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February 21 - Polistovsky Reserve shared experience with the audience of "Winter School" in Pskov

Polistovsky Reserve shared experience with the audience of "Winter School" in Pskov

Полистовский заповедник на занятиях

On the 20th of February, Polistovsky Reserve presented its experience in the field of environmental education at an information event for specialists of eco-centers and teachers of natural sciences "Winter School", organized by NGO "Lake Peipsi Project" in the framework of the eco-educational project "Your Land".

About 30 teachers of natural disciplines from educational institutions of Pskov region visited "Winter School". Experts in the field of environmental education from St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Tatarstan and Estonia came to share their experience with colleagues.

Deputy director of Polistovsky Reserve for environmental education and tourism Elena Perova presented the educational and methodical course for schoolchildren "Protected Areas of Russia and Pskov Region", which consists of 5 cognitive lessons. The course is intended for secondary school students and introduces them to the nature conservation system in Russia and, in particular, in Pskov Region.

Teachers will be able to conduct classes "Protected Areas of Russia and Pskov Region" independently using the methodological materials developed by Polistovsky Reserve employs within the framework of the "Your land" project. Methodological materials will be published on "Lake Peipsi Project" and Polistovsky Reserve websites. In parallel, during the year the Reserve staff will conduct open lessons "Protected Areas" in 13 districts of Pskov Region.

In addition, representatives of Polistovsky Reserve told the participants of "Winter School" about environmental education and interpretation work of the Reserve and about the possibilities for cooperation between the Reserve and educational institutions - joint cognitive activities, environmental events and competitions dedicated to native nature, nature conservation and protected areas.

Representatives of the international program "Eco-schools/Green Flag" in Russia, "School of the Future" (Kaliningrad) and Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation (Estonia) also conducted theoretical and practical training for teachers and specialists of the eco-centers of Pskov Region. In turn, Pskov organizations - regional center for the education of gifted children and youth, the ecological and biological center of Pskov city, agricultural academy of Velikie Luki and the organizers of the event NGO "Lake Peipsi Project" - also shared their experience in environmental education.

"Winter School" is one of the first activities of the project "Your Land", implemented by NGO "Lake Peipsi Project". Polistovsky Reserve is a partner of the project and will take part in a number of events during the year: staff of the Reserve will conduct lessons "Reserves of Russia", take part in the information event "Your Land" in Pskov, and in the beginning of autumn Polistovsky Reserve will held Open Day for teachers.


The information and educational event "Winter School" for teachers of natural sciences and specialists of eco-centers" is held by Pskov NGO "Lake Peipsi Project" within the framework of the project "Your land", which is supported by the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society.

The main objectives of the event are: to present current trends and best practices in environmental education in Russia and Estonia, discuss new methods of practical work in the field of environmental education and interpretation using local natural component, to announce eco-educational project "Your land" and induce teachers of natural sciences to create new eco-educational methods for the formation of environmentally responsible behavior of students.

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