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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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February 14 - Polistovsky Reserve at the festival "Pristine Russia"

February 14 - Polistovsky Reserve at the festival "Pristine Russia"

Полистовский заповедник на фестивале «Первозданная Россия»

On the 10th of February, Polistovsky Reserve took part in the All-Russian nature festival "Pistine Russia". Visitors of the festival got acquainted with the raised bog, its natural value and inhabitants, and took part in Polistovsky Reserve interactive games.

On the main stage of the festival, representatives of the Reserve told about the protected nature, about the most important functions of raised bogs, about beauty and uniqueness of this fragile ecosystem. Listeners of the lecture not only got acquainted with Polistovsky Reserve, but also took part in the quiz and received memorable Polistovsky souvenirs - ecopens, magnets, notebooks.

On the same day, the employees of the Reserve conducted a number of cognitive games on the interactive site of the festival. Participants leaned animals and plants living on the bog, identified the inhabitants of the Reserve by the traces and solved puzzles with the images of Polistovsky birds - blue and big tits.

Полистовский заповедник на фестивале «Первозданная Россия»

On Sunday, the 10th of February, the festival was visited by many Moscow residents and guests of the capital - nature lovers, representatives of the professional community, students. The greatest interest to Polistovsky Reserve was shown by the guests of the festival who visited it with the whole family. Participants - both adults and children - especially liked the game "Memory", they became real connoisseurs of flora and fauna of the bog playing it.

Next year, Polistovsky Reserve plans to take part in the festival "Pristine Russia" again with an updated and expanded cognitive program.

In addition, the administration of the protected area invites widlife photographers who are ready to learn and love the raised bog, and then open this wonderful and mysterious world to others by presenting their works at the next festival "Pristine Russia".


V All-Russian nature festival "Pristine Russia" is held in Moscow in the Central House of Artists from the 26th of January to the 25th of February, 2018.

"Pristine Russia" is one of the most widescale and interesting festivals dedicated to the nature of Russia. It passes from 2014 and every time attracts more and more connoisseurs of native nature beauty.

Carefully selected photo exposure shows visitors the diverse nature of Russia - landscapes of the most remote and beautiful corners of the country in the performance of the best photgraphers, unique portraits of wild animals, amazing microcosm and stunning panoramas taken from a bird's eye view.

Film program of the festival presents the best Russian documentary and animation films about nature. Famous Russian travelers, scientists, documentary filmmakers, domestic and foreign photographers talk about their work, creativity, and conduct master classes.

During a month, unique works of photographers-naturalists are exhibited in Moscow, and then residents of many cities of Russia and other countries will also have the opportunity to see them.

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