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January 16 - How to count animals correctly: a briefing was held in the Reserve

How to count animals correctly: a briefing was held in the Reserve

Today Polistovsky Reserve state inspectors were instructed to conduct winter route countings of the main hunting species of animals and birds. Counters received route maps, and planned counting work for this season.

Polistovsky Reserve researcher Oscar Sayfullin reminded the audience about the procedure for countings conducting:

- on the day before the counting, all traces left on the snow by the inhabitants of the Reserve in the previous period around the route should be erased;

- the route must be checked by a counter on a snowmobile during one day;

- fieldworkers should carefully monitor the tracks of both animals and birds crossing the route;

- GPS coordinates of all intersections must be fixed, as well as animal species and the direction of their movement;

- in the case of a large accumulation of traces, the place is designated as a feeding ground, the species and the total number of intersections is also fixed by a counter.

Winter route counting is a part of environmental monitoring, designed to track changes in the number of the protected area habitants. There are 5 counting routes with a length up to 15 km each on the territory of Polistovsky Reserve and its buffer zone. They pass near the border between bog and forest, where animals spend most of the time - feeding and resting in secluded places.

Countings will begin as soon as a stable snow cover will form on the territory of the Reserve. According to the results, specialists of the scientific department will determine the approximate density of various species of animals that live in Polistovsky Reserve.

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