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January 11 - Protected areas system of Russia celebrates 101-year anniversary

Protected areas system of Russia celebrates 101-year anniversary

Полистовский заповедник

Today the Day of National Nature Reserves and National Parks is celebrated in Russia. 101 years ago the first National Nature Reserve - Barguzinsky - was created in our country. In honor of this holiday Polistovsky Reserve offers readers a test on Russian protected areas system, the test is here.

The first in the history of Russia Barguzinsky National Nature Reserve was founded on the 11th of January, 1917 on the shore of Baikal Lake in order to protect the Barguzin sable, whose number disastrously decreased in the beginning of the twentieth century. The modern federal system of protected areas started from the creation of Barguzinsky Reserve (Republic of Buryatia).

In the Year of Protected Areas (2017) the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia, Sergei Donskoy, signed an order to name Barguzinsky Reserve in honor of the first director K.A. Zabelin in order to perpetuate the memory of the Reserve's organizer and the first director who made a significant contribution to the conservation of the Bargusin sable population and unique natural complexes of the Baikal region.

According to S.Donsky, PAs establishment is one of the most effective forms of nature conservation, which allows to completely or partially withdraw these territories from the economic use and preserve biological and landscape diversity in Russia and on the planet as a whole.

заповедный урок, Полистовский заповедник

In total, in Russia there are more than 13,000 protected areas of federal, regional and local significance, with a total area of 209.5 million hectares. The federal system of PAs, which was formed for 100 years, currently includes 105 National Nature Reserves, 52 National Parks, 57 Federal Sanctuaries, 17 Nature Monuments, and 67 Botanical gardens. The total area of federal protected areas is 63.3 million hectares.

In 2017, the total area of protected areas of federal importance increased by 794.586 thousand hectares. 4 new protected areas were created - 2 Reserves ("Vasyugansky" and "East of the Gulf of Finland") and 2 national parks ("Sengileevsky Gory" and "Ladozhskie Shkhery"). The total area of PAs of regional importance in 2017 increased by 1.3 million hectares, and 47 PAs of regional importance were established.

заповедный урок, Полистовский заповедник 

During January, Polistovsky Reserve staff will hold lessons on the Russian system of protected areas, history of nature conservation in our country and Polistovsky Reserve, in the schools of Pskov region. The first ecolessons were held today in the 5th and 10th formes of Bezhanitsky school.

Information of the press service of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia

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