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December 27 - New snowmobiles start working on protection of the territory of Polistovsky Reserve

New snowmobiles start working on protection of the territory of Polistovsky Reserve

New Polaris snowmobiles are fully prepared for operation and started to be used by the law-enforcement team of Polistovsky Reserve. Two new snowmobiles will allow state inspectors to move around the territory as quickly as possible and make work more effective in winter.

In the cold season, meteorological conditions in Polistovsky Reserve can vary widely, but in any weather the law-enforcement team must conduct constant patrolling of the protected area. State inspectors can move on foot, on bog'n'snow-shoes, by off-road vehicles, a specialized bogmobile (which has minimal impact on the surface of the bog); and snowmobiles are the main transport during the snowy period.

Now there are 9 snowmobiles in Polistovsky Reserve territory protection department, which, if necessary, are also used for ecological monitoring and scientific research. 2 more Polistovsky Reserve snowmobiles, purchased last year, are used on excursions, introducing tourists to the bog in snowy winter time.

Protection of the territory is one of the main tasks of Polistovsky Reserve. Thanks to the tireless work of state inspectors in the field of environmental protection, it is possible to preserve unique natural places, such as Polistovo-Lovatskaya raised bog system. In particular, state inspectors control whether the territory of the reserve is visited by someone without without the approval of the administration, whether illegal hunting, firewood harvesting, cranberries collection or other prohibited activities is conducted. Violators of the protection regime face administrative and criminal liability. You can find more details about the rules of the reserve and its buffer zone on Polistovsky Reserve website.

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