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December 25 - 5 facts about the spruce - let's save the green spruce!

5 facts about the spruce - let's save the green spruce! 

Every year at the end of December, an ecological campaign "Save the green spruce!" calls evveryone to take care of coniferous trees , especially during the period of New Year's holidays. We suggest you to learn a little more about the spruce tree, and this year do not install a living tree at home

  1. The tradition to use spruce as a New Year tree appeared in Russia thanks to Peter I, borrowed this tradition in Europe. As well as the date of the beginning of the new year - January, 1st. In pre-Petrine times, the New Year in Russia was celebrated on September, 1st.
  2. Spruce forests are very important for a variety of living organisms. In the summer time, the spruce forest is always cool, and animals can hide from the heat here. Under the spruce, the humidity is high which is important for many plants and mushroom. Seeds of spruce serve as food for birds and squirrels.
  3. Coniferous trees, unlike the deciduous, continue to photosynthesize in winter, which means they are the most important source of oxygen in the cold season.
  4. The growth rate of spruce averages 1 meter in 6-7 years. The felled tree can be replaced by a new one in about 7.5 years under favorable conditions, and  it will take 100-120 years to grow a spruce forest.
  5. The oldest spruce in the world "Old Tikko" grows  in Sweden on Fulufjallet mountain. The age of the tree is about 9550 years. Old Tikko is a clone tree, the modern trunk is young, but it is a part of the old root system, which is 9 thousand years old. 

On the 25th of December, Bezhanitsky school pupils joined the action "Save the green spruce!" During Polistovsky Reserve's lesson, they reflected on the value of the forest, and expressed their proposals for the conservation of coniferous trees in the New Year.

The guys agreed that forests are valuable as a source of oxygen, a home for animals and birds, and a place to communicate with nature. And instead of felling spruce trees on New Year's Eve they offered to install artificial trees at home or plant a living tree outdoors.

The lesson ended with a master class of Polistovsky Reserve on making toy trees from cones and original bookmarks-spruces.

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