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December 13 - The first letters to animals came to Polistovsky Reserve

The first letters to animals came to Polistovsky Reserve

письма животным, Полистовский заповедник

Polistovsky Reserve received the first letters to the inhabitants of the protected area. Letters to foxes, squirrels, beavers, hares and badgers were written by the pupils of Bezhanitsky school and a kindergarten in a framework of the project "Letters to animals".

письма животным, Полистовский заповедник

Guys are mostly interested in how animals plan to spend the winter, what they will eat in the cold season, and with whom they are friends. All letters will be sent to the addressees, and next week the children will receive answers from animals that inhabit forests and the bog of Polistovsky Reserve.

Letters in the forest mail box appeared after classes devoted to wintering animals of the Pskov region, their habits and nutrition.

письма животным, Полстовский заповедник

On the next lessons of Polistovsky Reserve, the children will expand their knowledge about the animals and birds of the Reserve, as well as the need to protect animals and their habitat, and will continue to correspond with their new friends.

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