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November 23 - The action "Feed birds in winter" has started.

As you know, winter is a very difficult time for birds: strong wind, frost, endless precipitation in the form of snow or rain make it difficult to search for food in a frozen forest.

Annually from the beginning of November within the framework of the action "Feed birds in winter" Polistovsky Reserve conducts lessons in schools of the Pskov region, that are dedicated to help for wintering birds.

Employees of the environmental education department of Polistovsky Reserve held a series of events in schools of Bezhanitsy and Loknya districts for a month. Children learned about what kind of birds remain for winter and how one can help them to survive a hard time, what kinds of food are healthy or harmful for birds. Children watched a movie about wintering birds and took part in a thematic quiz. Lessons were completed in park or on school grounds, where kids hung out self-made feeders. Such feeders are an excellent opportunity to observe birds in natural conditions.

Guys realized one very simple rule: feed the birds regularly, otherwise you could make it worse for birds used to ready food.

The action "Feed birds in winter" is on from the middle of November until a stable heat occurrence (approximately until the end of March).

Remember: everyone can play a leading role in the life of birds, it is only necessary to devote a little time to make a feeder, place it near the house or on your personal plot and to add food regularly.

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