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November 20 - "The Nature Chronicle of Eurasia: A Large-Scale Analysis of Changing Ecosystems"

From November 7 to 10, the All-Russian seminar-conference with international participation "The Nature Chronicle of Eurasia: A Large-Scale Analysis of Changing Ecosystems" was held in the Moscow Region.

Its guests were representatives of more than 60 Russian protected areas, RK MAB, Moscow State University the academic science.

The meeting was devoted to the issues of standardization and automation of the "Nature Annals" - the main scientific document of russian nature reserves. The co-organizers of the seminar were the Project "Eurasian Chronicle of Nature" (ECN) and Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve.

Climate studies, phenological observations have always been traditional for the protected areas of Russia. The chronicle of nature is the main scientific document of the reserve, in which results of observations of natural processes and phenomena on the territory throughout its history are collected. Chronicles of nature have accumulated a unique material about the dynamics of the state of ecosystems and their components. Analysis of the accumulated data, elucidation of the laws of natural processes and the processes that cause them, as well as forecasting their further development, is an actual scientific task.

The head of the project "Eurasian Chronicle of Nature" professor Otso Ovaskainen of the University of Helsinki delivered a detailed report on the history and prospects of international cooperation. The project was created in 2011 by scientists from Finland, Spain and Russia. From the very beginning, it had the task of forming an international network of cooperation and provided for the creation of a database of mass accounts of various animal species, the dynamics of abundance and diversity of vascular plants and fungi, phenology, etc. It is assumed that these data will make it possible to understand the ecological changes that have occurred in the studied territories for the last decades. One of the guests of honor of the seminar was Ilya Prokhorov, deputy director of Information and Analytical Center for Support of protected areas, who expressed hope for continued cooperation and fruitful joint work within the framework of the international project.

Senior researcher of Polistovsky Reserve S.I. Igosheva took part in the work on the sections "GIS and other modern technologies for data collection and processing" and "Data processing issues for winter route counts and bird population". As a part of the work, participants conducted practical exercises "in the field" - on the territory of Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve.

The seminar was held in friendly atmosphere. The participants shared their experience in conducting scientific and environmental education in protected areas, and contacts were established for further cooperation. The importance of using new technologies for data collection and processing was noted.


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