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November 16 - Field meeting on environmental education

On November 9 and 10, an interregional seminar for employees of pre-school and school institutions in the field of contemporary trends in environmental education was held in Polistovsky Reserve.

The organizers were employees of the department of environmental education and tourism of the reserve together with Greenpeace Russia.

Among the participants were delegates from 11 schools and 2 kindergartens of the Pskov and Novgorod regions, as well as a representative of the State Fire Board of the "Fire Forest Center" of Pskov Matveev Vadim.

Within the framework of the event, participants discussed several global tasks: features of organization of environmental studies with preschool and school age children, methods of teaching the basics of security when encountering wildfire.

Most of the first day of seminar, the leaders of Greenpeace Russia fire prevention program Grigory Kuksin and coordinator of the North-West fire prevention program Natalia Maksimova devoted the main issues in the field of fire prevention, as well as the methods of forming the children's correct behavior in critical situations. Greenpeace employees demonstrated desktop, floor and team fire fighting games that not only help participants to learn the skills of teamwork, but also develop the right idea about correct and safe behavior.

The second part of the first day was devoted to speeches of guests. Speakers shared their experience  in a difficult matter: how to meet and make friends with the world around, how to bring to children the importance of saving their native land, to teach to be a caring friend and helper in trouble. The participants noted that they try not to miss a single environmental contest by Polistovsky Reserve or other protected areas, organize their own events, help young researchers to prepare their assays and take part in children's educational projects.

The second day was no less intense. At the beginning of the day, reports were continued, and the second part was held on the ecological path "Plavnitskoye bog", the most popular ecotrail of Polistovsky Reserve. Autumn landscapes from a bird's-eye view, rare black alder forest can not leave anyone indifferent.

The guidance of Nadezhda Dmitrieva through the history of the Polistovo-Lovatskaya swamp system, animal and plant world of the reserve diverted guests from thinking about bad weather and helped to look differently at the moss bogs with their bad reputation.

Employees of Greenpeace showed in action a quadrocopter brought by them, told about its advantages and functions in monitoring the vast and uninhabited areas of the territory. All looked with great interest to the swamp not only from the 9-meter tower, but also from the altitude of the flight of quadrocopter, though only on the monitor screen.

Within two days a lot of work was done in the field of sharing experience in environmental education. Polistovsky Reserve expresses its gratitude to the Village Club of Tsevlo for assistance in organizing the event, as well as for employees and volunteers of Greenpeace Russia.

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